Love in lockdown

Love in lockdown

LOVE in the time of lockdown

Is lockdown making you doubt the proposal idea you originally had planned? Were you planning on popping the question before lockdown? Did lockdown ruin your proposal plans? How to propose during lockdown? How to show your love in lockdown? If you are asking any of the above questions, then carry on reading.

As we all go through life in lockdown, we need to adapt with this new situation we are facing. This may mean popping the question in the comfort of your own home. Best to stay safe and abide by the rules, but this does mean limited proposal plans. The Perfect Proposal is here to assist as best we can!

Pre-proposal planning

Thinking of popping the question? Well you and your partner need to chat about your future before any plans get put in place. Some of our clients have felt that this time together has truly made them realise that their partner is the one. Some questions to ponder during this downtime can be:

  • Are you both on the same page in your relationship journey?
  • Do you want the same things in life?
  • Has this lockdown actually been enjoyable spending it with your partner?

This alone time together is a perfect time to chat about future plans and how you are both feeling. Share the love and have long chats to ensure you get a YES!

Engagement rings

There are a few smaller jewellers that are operating during lockdown. There might be a slight delay in sourcing the exact ring but you will find it. We love the fact that you would be supporting smaller business in the time of need. Many jewellers would have rings already made up that could be purchased to save some time. We are still waiting for clarification whether these rings can be delivered during Level 4 but we will keep you updated every step of the way.

Family matters

We know it is important to chat to the partner’s family (or one member) for permission before asking the question, “will you marry me?”. To get their blessing will help calm your nerves and increase the excitement. While not asking the family in person for their permission may not be what you have always envisioned, a Zoom call with them may allow you to get your nerves under control and to write down what you would like to say. Some of our clients say that asking the dad is more nerve-wracking than asking their partner 😊If the engagement does take place at home under these circumstances, be sure to pre-arrange a video call to celebrate with the whole family after the proposal happens. Your partner will be so happy to see their smiling faces and reactions.

Proposal planning

We are very sorry if your proposal got ruined or delayed by lockdown or Covid 19. We feel the world would love some good news and an engagement might be the right medicine. If there is any way of replicating your idea and adapting it to your home, then we say GO AHEAD! For example; wake your partner up early for a safari theme game drive or set up a romantic dinner under the stars.

Be creative, we dare you

We all need to be creative and think outside the box during this time. You might find supplies are limited, especially here in South Africa, but try your best to give your special fiancé-to-be the BEST. If you can’t buy champagne, then use sparkling juice. If you can’t find flowers, use fake ones. If you don’t have the ring, then buy ring sweets from Woolworths to use for now. Your partner will understand and we feel it will all add up to a pretty great proposal story!

Home proposal ideas

Still feeling lost and helpless with no idea how to propose? Great news! We can assist you in planning that perfect proposal.

We have created an Online Lockdown Ideas Package that will be easy for you to setup in your own space. This package includes:

– 3x proposal ideas personalised to you and your partner’s likes, dislikes and lockdown circumstances,

–  a comprehensive checklist for each idea (as well as a list of shops that may stock items you need)

–  and helpful hints to pull off a perfect home proposal.

All this for just R250. We will send you a Q&A form to complete and will then send you your ideas within 2 working days. Please email us: for more info.