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The Perfect Proposal

Pippa - The Perfect Proposal

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Founder of The Perfect Proposal, I am extremely passionate about the event industry and seeing the event through from beginning to end. My enthusiasm and creativity make for a real flair of putting together unique and special events. Dreaming up wedding ideas and proposal stories has been something I have been doing since I was a young girl.

What did you study? I obtained a BA degree in Psychology at Stellenbosch University and furthered my studies in London with a Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management.

Any advice for brides to be? Create an evening that you and your partner sit down and discuss the wedding, create a task list and make decisions. On the other days try not to speak about it and you will avoid unnecessary arguments. Be organised and your wedding will be a happy occasion, especially if you hire a wedding planner.

What is your idea of a "Perfect Proposal"? When I hear a YES!!! We love happy clients and try to keep every proposal we plan unique and personal.

Something we didn't know? Yellow is my favourite colour, as it brightens up anyone's day.

Suzi - The Perfect Proposal

Tell us a little bit about yourself? My real name is Suzanne although no one ever calls me that. I am an ex-physiotherapist who then became passionate about event planning and pulling off the perfect special occasion. My favourite hobby is a weird obsession with all things to do with gift wrapping and gift tags. I really enjoy working with people, creating something personalised for them and seeing just how happy true love can make people.

What did you study? I studied a BSc in Physiotherapy at UCT & did a post-graduate course in Sports Physiotherapy.

Any advice for brides to be? Choosing the bridal party is sometimes the hardest part - my advice would be to choose the people that you know will still be in your life in 20 years' time and those that you can picture your children playing together with.

What is your idea of a "Perfect Proposal"? Knowing that thought has been put into every part of the proposal makes it truly special - it taking place at a venue that means something to both parties, their favourite food or champagne, involving their family if they are close, their favourite flowers or chocolate. It all shows that every last detail has been though about and envisioned.

Something we didn't know? Romantic at heart? Absolutely! I only read and watch romantic comedies and I tear up at every wedding and at every airport arrival terminal.


What did you study? I have been instrumental in arranging a variety of functions such as fashion shows, engagement parties, momentous birthday celebrations, golf days, corporate functions for high-end clients and many fundraising events so my experience covers a broad range. The feedback has been that the success of these functions can be attributed to always paying attention to the details and being passionate about ensuring that everything exceeds the client's expectations.

Any advice for brides to be? Draft up a “to-do list” because you don’t want to forget anything, and keep it in a logical order, remembering that hiring a wedding planner will alleviate your stress so that you can sit back and enjoy not only the lead up to but your big day as well.

What is your idea of a "Perfect Proposal"? I’m a sentimental person so I would advise including whatever is memorable to you as a couple to make the proposal something truly personal for you both. Examples would be something like where you had your first date or a particular place that is special to you both and also including music or a specific song that has meaning to you as a couple.

Something we didn't know? My favourite “take away” is a delicious dessert like crème brûlee!


Tell us a little bit about yourself? I am a born and bred, proud Port Elizabethan! A mom to two boys and a wife to my hubby of nearly 22 years! I enjoy travelling, especially where there is warm water, sandy beaches and magnificent sunsets to appreciate. I love taking this opportunity to meet new people and have struck up friendships with those we meet on our trips, which span across many continents. Weekends are also for relaxing as a family and spending time with our little fur babies.

What did you study? After completing Matric, I did a short course in PR, and then hit the ground running in the working world!  I took time off in between to raise our sons. Throughout their school career, I assisted with fundraising and social events.

Any advice for brides to be? When it comes to the guest list, the best advice I would give, is to make up a list of friends whom you would have over for dinner - friends who make you laugh and add positive value to your lives. It’s one day that cements your future forever as husband and wife, make the lead up to this special day as stress free as possible. Take on help in the form of a wedding planner.

What is your idea of a "Perfect Proposal"? Each proposal needs to be unique. I think incorporating a place that holds a very dear and special memory to you as a couple, would be a great starting place.

Something we didn't know? I love pink, all things girly and romantic.