Ways to announce you are engaged

ways to announce you are engaged

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You have just been asked the big question…” Will you Marry Me?” and, you’ve said YES! You laughed, cried happy tears, kissed, hugged and admired your exquisite new engagement ring, toasted the occasion with your favourite champagne and then stared at your ring once again. What is the best way to announce this incredible piece of news to the world? Well, this is The Perfect Proposal‘s advice of how to share that happy moment.

1.Family first

There is no doubt that getting engaged is a massive milestone in one’s life and you will certainly want to share this exciting news immediately. Before you rush to do so, we think it’s best to consider your family first. Parents and siblings are your tribe and they will appreciate being told rather than seeing your news on social media. Pick up the phone and video call them to share this special moment. The next to tell are your besties, as their reactions will be remembered for a long time! Placing an image on social media should be the last move as you do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

2.Plan an Engagement party

As a couple, invite your friends and family over for a dinner party and make the announcement by bringing out a cake and on top is a custom-made cake topper saying; “we’re engaged”. Another idea is to announce the engagement by throwing a surprise party, going straight from the proposal to see your friends. Celebrate in style at your favourite place with your loved ones. A surprise for the bride-to-be after your engagement is one of our favourites but ensure they are up for it as you want them to feel fabulous for the announcement.

3.Capture the moment; A picture is worth a thousand words

Our personal favourite would be to hire a professional photographer for your proposal, they capture your initial reactions and romance of the day. You would share these images on social media as a way to announce your engagement, showing beautiful raw emotions of “the moment”. You could get really creative with the photoshoot and add in that personal touch. For instance, if the proposal takes place on the beach you can write in the sand or on a stone. If it happens at home, you can include your pets or kids, the photographer can add in text to any photo to make it unique.

4.Save the date Video

Something for those obsessive diary planners is to announce your engagement by sending out a “save the date”. Share a video and at the end it would announce your wedding date thus it’s a double surprise with an engagement announcement and wedding info. There are wonderful videographers who offer this service, you book a couples photoshoot, they then edit that video to be a save the date for your wedding. We just love this idea but it only works if you know your wedding plans early on.

5.Dare to be creative

Incorporate your favourite item or something you share together; for example using a prop to tell your news. We are going to list the items we love best: chalk boards, ‘I said yes’ signs, writing on your hand, shouting from the rooftops and taking a video, cake toppers, holding big ring balloons, using food to spell “we are engaged”. The options to personalise an engagement photo are endless, we dare you to be creative. Once you make the announcement on social media, remember to include a relevant and personal hashtag that you can use in all future posts leading up to your incredible wedding. If you are against social media posts then our last idea is to buy those sweets which look like a diamond rings, place them in pretty packets and hand them out to friends when visiting. Play a game to see how long it takes for them to guess your news.

Finally, once your announcement is out there, it is wise to go offline for a while as you wait for all the well wishes to come pouring in. Use this time to bask in the excitement of the moment because the whirlwind of wedding planning is next on the agenda!