Unique proposal ideas

The ‘MONTH OF LOVE’ is our favourite time of year and we love to celebrate by sharing unique proposal ideas.

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Unique Proposal Ideas from The Perfect Proposal

It’s the month of LOVE and how better to celebrate it than to propose to your partner! The Perfect Proposal specialises in event planning for marriage proposals and have done over 800 unique proposal ideas across South Africa – and the answer is always a resounding YES! Below are some unique proposal ideas to sweep your loved one off their feet – and if it seems too overwhelming to organise a proposal by yourself, then give them a call 😊

Art Gallery Proposal

Does your partner love art and all things sophisticated? Nothing will take them more by surprise then getting them all dressed up for an art gallery or a special art unveiling, and the art is actually a proposal! Art galleries are usually quiet and not too crowded so you won’t have too many onlookers. Arrange with the gallery beforehand to place a picture of the two of you, or a picture saying their name and “will you marry me” on an easel in a room in the gallery. As you approach it, you can drop to one knee in front of it- it makes for a great picture to be framed too!

Unique Proposal Idea

Picture stand with balloons around the pic

Scavenger hunt

We love this proposal as it requires lots of thought and effort and will always make your partner feel truly special. You can lead them around the house to where you will be waiting for them on one knee with candles and fairy lights (and don’t forget their favourite flowers) or you can lead them around your town to finally meet you somewhere that means something to you both (back to the place of your first date perhaps). We recommend keeping the clues simple so that they don’t have to contact you to find out where to go next. It is also nice to include a photo, flower or memento with each clue.

Adventure proposal

Wedding Proposal idea

Scavenger hunt

Edible Proposal

What better way to propose than with something delicious, especially if it is your partner’s favourite! Be it cupcakes, donuts or chocolates – use them to spell out the big question. You can even plant the ring in its box in amongst the treats. Or wake up on a Saturday morning with breakfast in bed and a cup of coffee. Write “Will you marry me?” at the bottom of the coffee cup and watch their face as they take their last sip 😊

Cake with the words will you marry me

Edible Proposal

please marry me edibles

Will You Marry Me

Doughnut will you marry me

Movie Proposal

Does your partner have an all-time favourite movie or series? Recreate a scene from it for their dream proposal! From the iconic Friend’s theme song setting to the awesome and romantic UP movie (and all things Disney), it is easy to transport them to their much loved big screen place. They may even love the idea of Sweet Home Alabama’s proposal inside a jewellery store in which case we recommend heading back to the jewellery store where you picked out their ring to pop the question. If they love all movies in general, then set up your garden with a projector and turn it into a romantic, blanket-filled outdoor cinema to propose in.

Movie Proposal

Romantic wedding proposal ideas

Man standing with balloons proposing to his wife to be

Man on his knee asking his lady to be his wife

Binocs in the Bush

There is something so romantic about the African bushveld. Nowadays 5-star treatment doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and a weekend away to propose under the stars is such a great idea if your partner loves the outdoors. You will need to get creative for this one and make a giant MARRY ME sign (A1 white card for each letter works well). Work closely with the lodge and arrange for them to put the letters up somewhere that your partner will be able to see them with binoculars from the deck of your lodge or room. Then you can jump up from lounging by the pool to shout that you have seen a lion! Hand them the binoculars, point them in the direction of the sign and get down on one knee. Celebrate your engagement with a romantic outdoor dinner for two.

Binocs in the Bush wedding proposal ideas

Marry Me

Beach Proposal

There is something so romantic about the sun, sea and sand. The ideas for a beach proposal are endless with a beautiful picnic set up for two, a romantic stop along a beach walk or saying it with an awesome sand sculpture.

Unique Proposal Ideas

Unique Proposal Ideas

Unique Proposal Ideas

Helicopter Proposal 

While certain provinces don’t have a beach, it does have an awesome cityscape and some wide open, mountainous spaces. If your partner loves a thrill, then why not propose at 10 000ft above the ground before landing for a romantic picnic or a glass of bubbly on top of a mountain?

Unique Proposal Ideas

Unique Proposal Ideas

Unique Proposal Ideas

Family Proposal 

Make it a family affair and get the whole family involved! If your partner is close to their family or your friends are just dying to witness the proposal, then we recommend including them in the big moment. If they are great dancers, convince them to even be part of a family flash mob 😊A family member can either hold a letter each or a full word. Make sure you have someone to capture the moment too.

Unique Proposal Ideas

Unique Proposal Ideas

Unique Proposal Ideas For The Month of Love