Dear Rae COVID19 article

Dear Rae article on Covid19


But what about my wedding? Changing your wedding plans during the Covid19 pandemic

We love writing articles for our suppliers, Dear Rae, is one of our favourites. We chat about COVID19 and you wedding plans! Dear Rae COVID19 article was written for all the brides in need of guidance during this tough time. If you are looking for extra assistance with your wedding or need an expert wedding planner, please contact us.

Nothing like a global lockdown to mess with your perfectly planned wedding, right? If you’re nodding your head reading this, stick around. We asked our good friend Pippa Lund, founder and owner of The Perfect Proposal, to share some insights and advice on how to adapt your wedding plans during the pandemic. Pippa touches on some important points and provides helpful tips, should you be experiencing a case of the big day blues. 

Date change? Feeling scared? Make the best of your situation. The unknown is too big at this stage to waste your energy worrying. The situation is, unfortunately, bigger than your wedding right now and it’s completely out of your control – so try not to stress about it and rather focus on other things in your life. Be calm and positive about your situation, and believe that everything will work out in the end.  

Inform your suppliers about your postponement or date change. This will allow them to check or suggest availability for new dates. Please be aware of annual increases with most venues and suppliers, should you move your wedding to 2021. Have a chat with them about the situation and see if you can reach a compromise.  

Accept current travel limitations. At this stage, your international guests won’t be able to travel for the foreseeable future. This means you need to inform suppliers about your final number. The positive side of this is that you will save on costs, should there be a large drop-off.  

If your wedding is cancelled, we suggest checking the terms and conditions of your suppliers. We have found that most suppliers are being very understanding during these tough times we’re facing and that partial refunds, if not full, are being offered.

If you are in the very beginning stages of your wedding planning, take this time to reflect on what really matters. Time is on your side, so enjoy the process fully. Listen to music and choose your first dance song, together. Practice your first dance around the living room. Take this time to enjoy your partner without the added wedding stress.  

We always give this advice to our brides-to-be: Create one night a week that is dedicated to wedding planning. Open some bubbly, sit down together and discuss your wedding dreams. Answer questions that require attention and make decisions together. Especially during this time of quarantine, it’s important ant to heed this advice. Try not to discuss your wedding 24/7 or you might start going wedding crazy! Now is not the greatest time for bride- and groomzillas to emerge.

Enjoy the smaller celebrations of life. This really is a wonderful time to reflect and chat about your future together. Keep it light, keep it lovely and keep it kind.

Dear Rae COVID19 article – read here.

Featured image from the wedding of Bryni and Keane captured by Dearheart Photos