Small things to remember about proposing

Small things to remember about proposing

Small things to remember about proposing

If anyone understands just how stressful this moment in your life is, it’s us at The Perfect Proposal. You can forget about some small details that can really make your proposal just a little bit more incredible.

First of all, remember to speak to your girlfriend about marriage way in advance of proposing. You need to make sure that you two are on the same page when it comes to marriage and ensures you two have spoken about the future and that you both have the same plans in mind.

Take your girlfriends father, mother or her closest relative out for dinner or drinks and ask for their permission to propose. Going the little extra mile of asking them while taking them out just shows a lot more interest and enthusiasm from your side. It will get them so excited about the proposal!

If you do not know her ring size then ask her best friend to take her to a ring store. The best friend can say she wants to get one made for herself and can easily trick your girlfriend into getting her ring size for fun. Ensure you ask someone who is good at acting and won’t make it obvious. It’s also a good way for her to see what her best friends likes when it comes to ring style.

Try your best to get your girlfriend’s nails done. If she goes on the regular then line the proposal day up close to her nail appointment otherwise ask a close relative or friend to take her for a manicure and pay for them. You could also host a fake competition so that she thinks she won a voucher for her nails. Get creative!

If your girlfriend loves photos then do not forget to hire a photographer so that the special moment can get caught on camera. Most girls love it when you think of this detail as they really appreciate the small things.

You also need to make sure the proposal suits her personality and what she likes. If she hates hiking then do not propose after a hike. If she loves dressing up then ensure she is all glammed up for the special moment. Overall you want this to be the best day of her life so far and you should know her best.

Never forget the small things to remember about proposing like the bubbles, flowers and chocolates to just make the proposal perfect!