Key tips for a healthy relationship

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Key tips for a healthy relationship

What is the secret to a strong relationship? One that will last forever? We would all love to know the answers! These are some key tips for a healthy relationship.

What we do know is that every relationship is different.

We wanted to share some secrets from our happy couples that make their relationships everlasting!


If problems arise the best way of sorting them out is to communicate with each other. ‘Listen’ being the key word here!

Don’t Compare

Every relationship is different! Don’t compare your relationship to anyone Else’s as you never know what is happening behind closed doors.

Show your partner you love them

Getting reminded of the small things in life that are meaningful are very important. Small gestures or kind words can go a long way.

Embrace Intimacy

Smiles, touching, eye contact and kissing are important to keep the romance alive!

Trust & honesty

Trust is understanding each other, being honest and keeping the trust is important in any situation.


Exploring personal interests are important. People change over time so its important to know what interests you individually as well as together. Its OK to give each other space to grow & change. It will only bring you closer.

If you are looking to show your partner how much you love them – why not send them one of our new “perfect boxes” that would make them feel really special! We hope these key tips for a healthy relationship work for you.

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