Little ways to boost your relationship


We all know how stressful life can be these days!  This added stress can be damaging to your relationship, whether its your girlfriend / wife or boyfriend / husband. People feel that they are not appreciated anymore and the relationship feels empty! Every person needs to feel proud, given compliments and told they are beautiful (inside & out). These are little ways to boost your relationship.

Its human nature to crave that “appreciation” if your relationship lacks that – its creates problems and it will eventually die. The key to a successful relationship is summed up in one word: APPRECIATION.

Here are some points that will boost your relationship and maintain that spark that existed when you first fell in love!


A hug, kiss or touch are all ways to affirm your partner. Regular displays of affection make couples feel better about each other. FACT: People live longer & are healthier.

TIP: Holding hands in public is cute!


Giving your partner the respect they deserve is very important. Be supportive & respectful in all areas of life.


Everyone from age 1 to 100 needs to feel appreciated. When people are praised they grow, expand and are more motivated. Just think about a work situation – if your boss gives you praise you are on a high and feel the need to impress again. The same applies to your relationship.

TIP: Give praise by leaving little notes all around the house telling him or her how amazing they are!


A happy couple is a positive one. They seem to believe that their partners are the best in the world. This belief brings out the good in their partners.


How excited do you get when you arrive home and bunch of flowers or chocolates are waiting for you. Give a present to your partner for no reason at all… the reason should be because you love & appreciate them!

TIP: Give a herb planted in a pot for the kitchen – a cute idea for couples who enjoy cooking.


Some couples have huge problems with communication. Don’t be one of them! We all tend to shout and be expressive when angry, why not express feelings when you are happy too. The best idea: praise loudly and criticise softly.


Secrets are not meant to be kept in the dark! This is like having a weight on your shoulders, it keeps weighing you down. The longer the secret is kept the bigger the issue will become. Be honest, open and respective of each other.


Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. Its good for the soul! Happy thoughts attract happy people.


When you receive a compliment – accept it kindly. Appreciation is deeply enhanced if you express praise when its not expected. As Mason Cooley says: “We are prepared for insults, but compliments leave us baffled.”

Next time you see your partner just tell them how much they mean to you! After all “Love is all you need”