Ian and Clarice penguin proposal

Ian and Clarice penguin proposal

On the 29th of October 2019, Ian and Clarice got engaged!

This wonderful couple were on holiday in Cape Town. They both live in Gauteng and have been together for 5 years. They met through mutual friends and have never looked back!

Ian’s idea of a perfect proposal was to be in an environment they both love, surrounded with romantic items so she can feel special. We chatted about locations and he wanted to pop the question at Boulders Beach. It was late afternoon so we hoped lots of penguins would be around. The best time to go to Boulders Beach is early morning when the doors first open. This couple was lucky as a few came to sit and play on the rocks.

Ian wanted to include a picnic box, which consists of special treats to enjoy. To make it personal we brought in her favourite flowers proteas and decor to ensure it was special.

We were waiting for the couple to arrive and the tide was getting higher and higher. It looked like our setup would be washed away… the panic set in but luckily they arrived in time. He asked the love of his life to marry him, she said yes. Yay!!

While the couple took some photos with Jilda, we moved the picnic to higher grounds to ensure they would not get wet while enjoying their picnic. They celebrated all afternoon at this famous Cape Town beach.

Ian and Clarice penguin proposal was the cutest! Wishing them many more adventures and a happy future together. ProteaIan and Clarice penguin proposalThe Perfect Proposal Boulders BeachBeach proposalengagment ideasCape Town beachBig rockIan and Clarice penguin proposalFor more Boulders beach proposal, click here. It is one of the landmarks we suggest visiting while in Cape Town.

Photographer: Jilda G