Hannes & Rika’s Proposal

vineyard proposal

On the 17th December 2014 Hannes asked Rika to marry him! The most amazing vineyard proposal! It was a very hot day in Franschhoek and the sun was shining bright for this special couple!

Hannes wanted to use “love notes” as the main element in his proposal. These love notes would be specially created for him and have a deeper, special meaning for Rika. A secret story for her to remember forever! Vrede en Lust wine estate was chosen for this romantic event to happen. It is really beautiful and has a lovely scenic surroundings. Hannes had told Rika they were going wine tasting for the day and wanted to explore Franschhoek. We had set up the love notes in the vineyards before they arrived. The last note was the very special one as it had the ring and the magic words.. “will you marry me”.

On arrival at Vrede en Lust they enjoy a wine tasting in the tasting room. We secretly collected the ring from Hannes and hang it on the last vine as per the plan. They finished their tasting and we led them to the vineyard where he had told her she would be “picking grapes”. We used this as way to led her into the vineyards without being too suspicious. We gave her a basket and told her only certain grapes can be picked at this time of year and was a very special privilege that she could do it. On arrival at the vineyard where the notes were hung, there was obviously no “picking of grapes” but sweet words from Hannes and of course the RING at the end. Hannes asked Rika to be his wife and she said YES!

The photographer captured the moment on film while hidden away in the other vineyards. The excitement died down and they had a couples shoot on the estate. We had arranged a small picnic & some bubbly to celebrate under the willow tree, which is said to be good luck! This was one of the most amazing vineyard proposals ever!

What a very special couple and we wish them all the best for a happy future together.

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Photo’s by Nicola Bester