Arno & Luanne’s Proposal

Winelands proposal

On the 29th November 2014 Arno & Luanne got engaged at the beautiful Uva Mira winery. What a beautiful winelands proposal.

It was a perfect day, filled with surprises for Luanne! The weather was hot & sunny which was ideal.

Arno called us asked to assist him in making it a ‘perfect proposal’… he wanted the idea to include wine tastings, a picnic, a romantic dinner and accommodation. The whole thing needed to be captured on film by a photographer. So the planning began!

“My definition will be if she firstly says yes. 😉 No all jokes aside, it will be if we can just enjoy a special and romantic day together. Enjoy each others company and just be alone together and as private as possible and enjoy the special occasion. If this can happen at a romantic location with a beautiful view, it will be great”

We loved the idea of Uva Mira in Stellenbosch as they have beautiful views and the area could offer the couple everything he dreamed of! Stellenbosch was also the varsity they both studied at, so it brought back lots of memories for them both.

They arrived at Uva Mira on the day and were led down to the picnic spot where the proposal took place. Luanne, very surprised said YES when Arno said those magic words… Marry me! Lesley captured it all on film while hiding away behind some tress. sneaky sneaky…

The picnic food and wine tasting was served up in the tasting room on a private deck. They enjoyed each others company and the stunning views which he hoped for. We included lots of pink and white as colours for the deco as this is her favorite. After this they checked into their hotel in the winelands and got dressed for the romantic dinner at Guardian Peak restaurant. They really had a great weekend and after 2 years of being together, he asked his girl of his dreams to marry him!

We wish them all the best for a happy and exciting future together. Happy Wedding planning!

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Photo’s by Photofuzion