Proposal ideas for winter

Proposal ideas for Winter

Proposal ideas for winter

Oh baby, it’s cold outside! “Winter is not a season, it’s a celebration.” 

The cold Winter months are approaching which means one thing, cuddling up to your partner! Popping the question in Winter can be very romantic. Think of warm fireplaces, delicious hot drinks and comforting food. Spread the love, rather than the Covid19 virus, stay home this Winter and pop the question. Here are some proposal ideas for Winter:

Baked treats

We suggest getting your favourite bakery to bake a delicious chocolate pudding or crumble. Ask them to be creative and bake an object in the dessert which your partner would find. Think about what they LOVE and use that to make it personal. If it is a card, then write “You are delightful, Marry me?”. There is a big trend of eating healthy desserts, which do not add to the waistline. The bride-to-be will appreciate the thought as she needs to look fabulous in her wedding dress. Brave enough to bake yourself, then go ahead and try the following recipes:

~ Pear & Coconut crumble

~ Chocolate brownies

~ Oreo & peanut butter pie

~ Black bean cookies

Comfort food

There is nothing better than a full tummy on a cold night. We suggest hiring a local chef to create a spectacular dinner for two. They could drop off a 3-course meal which you prep and serve yourself. Decorate the table with her favourite flowers, light some candles and create a romantic playlist. If you feel safe, ask the chef to stay for the duration of the meal, so they can serve and explain each course. Do some research as many local restaurants, while in lockdown, are delivering drop-off meals. Use this opportunity to eat your favourite meals in your own home. If you feel like cooking then try this delicious home-made pizza recipe.

~ Heart shape pizza

Boozy Drinks

Staying indoors means getting creative with your boozy drinks, we found this delicious mulled wine recipe that would tick all the boxes for a romantic evening. It is easy to make and shows you have made a big effort. We suggest serving it in pretty mugs, at the bottom of that mug it should read, “Marry me today and every day?” If finding that mug is a challenge, create your own by using chalk paint, paint the sides of the mug and write the words you want to say.

~ Mulled wine recipe

Home sweet home

Be creative with your home and think outside the box. Here are some ideas that might make your partner shout YES!

~ Just moved into your new home? Buy some paint and write all over the walls, showing how much you love them. Remember to use their favourite colour. (Obviously the walls will be repainted in good time.)

~ Create a wooden ‘marry me’ sign, hang it on the wall, open the door and tell them to walk inside, waiting for their reaction.

~ Purchase wall stickers that can spell words. Place these on your flight of stairs to spell the words you want to say.

~ Print about 100 photos of memories together and cut out lots of paper hearts. Place these in your entrance hall, you can spell something or place at random. As your partner walks in, they will be so surprised, go down on one knee and say those magic words, “will you marry me?”.

Another proposal or date idea, we can create a personalised box to send you for those special moments. For other Winter proposal ideas, click here.

Keep warm and lovable.