Clinton and Nicole yacht proposal

Clinton and Nicole yacht proposal

On the 1st of September 2021, Clinton and Nicole got engaged.

Clinton had booked a private yacht for himself and the family. They have been together for 6 years so he decided it was time to pop the question. They both love sport and represent South Africa for running. Can we say, famous couple? 🙂

He is such a romantic… these were his plans for their big day:

The proposal will be on our 6th year dating anniversary. Therefore if I give her flowers, take her places and have a photographer she won’t think anything other than its special because we have been dating 6 years. We do special things every year of our anniversary. This year will be extraordinary special. 

We will wake up at around 7 and have a good breakfast. I will give her earrings and flowers in the morning as an anniversary present. We will drive to cape point/ cape peninsula. On a romantic spot, I will give her a short note to read and tell her to keep it as it will make sense later. The note will say: “Like the two oceans meet our two souls met and like the two oceans coming together with our love for each other will for always be inseparable”.

From here, we will drive to Boulders beach. We will have a quick lunch. We will look at the penguins and I will give her a second note. The note will read: “Like the penguins only find one soul mate to live their entire life with so I have found mine” I will give her a necklace as an anniversary present.

We will head back to the Table Bay hotel for a shower and to get dressed. Upon her arrival at the hotel, she will find a custom-made red cocktail dress and flowers with a note: “Happy anniversary my babes*. I love you with all my heart forever and always” P.S I believe the earrings and necklace will fit well with the dress. Please meet me outside no later than 16:00”

At 16:00 I will be waiting for her outside the door and we will slowly make our way to the yacht. We will walk through the mall. At the escalators I will have 3 random people walking by us with boards that read “will you, will you, will you”. I won’t say anything about this. 

When we board the yacht, I will tell her that I booked a couples shoot. My and her family will already be on the yacht. Your photographer as well. Over here we will pose for pictures until the sun is on the correct point just before sunset.

I will tell her I have one final surprise for her and have some sort of signal so that they play the song from Roan Ash: If I ever saw heaven. I will take her to the front of the boat where I will look her in the eye and give a “the speech”. I will get the ring from my pocket, go down on one knee and ask her the question.

After this, we will open the gift box with the champagne and maybe a sign that says: “she said yes” for some picture and the marry me texts. (we provided the gift box and photographer). 

 After we leave the yacht we will have dinner and celebrations at a restaurant at the V & A waterfront.

A plan well executed, well done Clinton. 🙂

Clinton and Nicole yacht proposal was so special, we wish them all the best for a happy future together.

Clinton and Nicole yacht proposal

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Clinton and Nicole yacht proposal

Clinton and Nicole yacht proposal

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Clinton and Nicole yacht proposal

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Photogragher: Sian Owen

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