Choosing the perfect engagement ring

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is no easy task. Thanks to Taylor & Hart who put together this infographic showing the top tips of choosing the perfect ring.

Some of our own advice would be to think about what your partner loves. Look at what she wears most of the time – gold, silver or rose gold. She might even prefer vintage rings from a second-hand shop. It’s about taking her style into account when choosing that perfect ring.

Taking her jewellery shopping long before you want to pop the question is a good idea, so you can see what she likes and dislikes. You can also ask her family or friends for advice. Tell them to keep it a secret as you do not want word spreading. The other option would be to give her a diamond and let her design her own ring.

How to get her ring size, well this is a tricky one. We suggest using her rings she wears and measuring it with string or taking that to the jeweller. You can also guess and have it resized after the proposal, there is no harm in this. We suggest making it a bit bigger than smaller so it fits on the day.

Happy ring shopping, we hope these tips help.

Choosing the perfect engagement ring