Wedding Planning – Making the cut

Wedding Planning - Making the cutCompiling your guest list can be one of the most stressful tasks when planning your wedding day. How do you keep your numbers low without offending those that have been a part of your journey? Or believe they should be invited because they are related? Weddings are expensive and you need to learn how to stick to your budget by saying no!

Wedding Planning – Making the cut

Your wedding day goes by so quickly and we want to make sure that you enjoy every single moment surrounded by those you love the most. Therefore we recommend to go through your list and make a mark next to every person that you would take out to dinner and pay for their meal. Why? Well, this is exactly what you are doing at your wedding. If someone without a mark next to their name is someone who you would not take out to dinner then why invite them to the greatest dinner party of your life?

Next, make a mark next to every person you have spoken to in the last year. Consider removing the people without a mark, even if they are distant relatives or friends from the past. You do not want to spend time catching up with someone at your wedding who you will likely not see again for years to come.

Now, No one likes to attend weddings on their own, however, ensure that you keep plus ones to a minimum. You do not want to be meeting anyone new on your wedding day. Imagine seeing a stranger smiling at you as you walk down the aisle? Make a rule that you need to have met your guest’s partner… several times!

Lastly and most importantly remember that this is YOUR day and you need to ensure that the people that surround you are the ones who you want to be a part of this extraordinary memory. They’re also going to be the ones in your wedding photos on the wall!