On the 29th December 2020, Tevin and Lene got engaged!

No Covid lockdown level restrictions were going to put a damper on Tevins’ plans to propose to his girlfriend Lene, of four years.

Tevin contacted us a while ago to assist with planning his proposal, but lockdown regulations threw him a slight curveball and he needed to put his plans on hold. Luckily the levels changed for all and we went full steam ahead with planning!

But first, a little information on this precious young couple…They met at school in 2011, but alas, this “ friendship” didn’t blossom into the proverbial “high-school –sweetheart”  romance. However, they certainly liked each other and therefore decided to keep in touch with each other after they matriculated.

Fast forward to 2016 and whilst both in Johannesburg, the friendship rekindled. In 2017, Lene moved to Port Elizabeth, but they maintained a long-distance relationship as tough as it proved to be. They commuted every 3 months as work schedules allowed.

Lene moved to P.E. to pursue her teaching career, whilst Tevin remained in Johannesburg to continue his work as a developer. Commuting went well until Covid came along which brought its restrictions to travel and see each other. Tevin felt this time apart really cemented him to believe that no matter what life was throwing their way, Lene was his best friend, his soul mate, and she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with!

Lene loves all things antique and vintage, and unlike most ladies whose best friend is a diamond, she had her heart set on a morganite stone. Half the battle already won for Tevin when it came time to select a stone. Together with a reputable jeweler, he set about designing a classic, yet vintage styled ring for the marriage proposal. .

Lene loves the Restaurant Mella’s based here in P.E. and made all the sense in the world to set up for them there. We re-arranged a specific seating area and scattered red rose petals around the leather chesterfield couches and dinner table. Fairy lights adorned the wall behind the table and the lovely letter lights placed strategically in the area. Even the fish tank with the fishes swimming around added to the atmosphere! Their names were arranged in giant scrabble blocks on the floor inbetween the rose petals. A gorgeous bouquet of flowers was set on the table and the restaurant owners Dion and Camilla kindly donated a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne for them to celebrate.

Lene was none the wiser as she assumed this was an ordinary dinner date, but was she in for a big surprise! As they were led to the dinner table, Tevin subtly dropped to one knee and Lene turned around and was so shocked she could not stop shaking from nervous excitement but immediately responded with a “YES”.

It was an evening full of lovely celebrations and calls made to their family and friends to advise them of the good news!

Tevin and Lene restaurant proposal was stunning. No matter what the future has in store for them, they have each other and that’s all that counts. We wish them every blessing going forward and are so pleased they chose The Perfect Proposal to create this special evening.


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Photos supplied by the couple. 

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