Tips for guys on planning the perfect proposal

Tips for Guys on Planning the perfect proposal

The lovely ladies from Princess Diamonds wrote a super article about tips for guys on planning the perfect proposal.

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Tips for Guys on Planning the perfect proposal

Tip 1
The Ring & How to get it right:
Your girl will be wearing this ring everyday so it’s important to do a little research and get an idea of what she likes. If you feel comfortable enough, go ring shopping with her and get an idea of the styles she likes as well as an idea of your budget.

If you’re set on keeping the proposal a secret and don’t want to go ring shopping with her, why not ask her closest friend or sister for the style your girlfriend loves – they will definitely have an idea!

If all of these are not an option and you want to wing it, give her personality a bit of thought and particularly her fashion sense… If she is a simple jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, you may be on a winning streak by getting a plain solitaire ring. If she’s more into labels and brands, you might want to think about more bling and add a halo (small diamonds around the centre stone) to make the ring pop.

At your one on one private appointment at Princess Diamonds you’ll let us know your girlfriend’s style and personality and we will educate you in a non-intimidating fashion about the process –making the task a lot less daunting!

Tip 2
Size does matter:
That is her ring size! This minor detail is something guys tend to not think about. Unless you’re going ring shopping together, steal one of her rings and have it sized by your jeweler – remembering which finger she wears the ring on to be more accurate.

Tip 3
Insure it:
Before you propose – insure your engagement ring! In a fit of excitement as she says yes (or if the sizing isn’t right), you want to be sure you’re protected!

Tip 4
Daddy’s girl:
Ask for her father’s permission! This is an old school tradition that many girls still hold close to their hearts. Chances are, she’s been her Daddy’s Princess, so it’s a nice touch and it will mean a lot to her father and her family!

Tip 5
Preparing the Proposal:
Most importantly – put some thought in to your proposal and don’t make it all about you! This is the moment every girl has been dreaming of since she was a little girl (along with her fairy-tale wedding). You’ve taken her personality into consideration when choosing the ring, this is important in the proposal too. Dropping on one knee in the middle of a busy airport might not be a shy girl’s idea of the perfect proposal! Perhaps watch a few YouTube proposal videos together and get a sense of what she likes and what she really dislikes, chat to her/your friends… and if you’re still stuck contact an expert! – The Perfect Proposal is here to assist you!

Tips for Guys on Planning the perfect proposal

Tips for Girls to prepare for a Proposal

You’ve been dreaming of the day your man pops the question, but us girls have to realize that it’s not as easy for him as we think. Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling:

Tip 1
Communication is important in every relationship. It’s good to bring up the subject of marriage and knowing where you stand in each others lives and what stage you are at, in your relationship. The last thing you want to happen is to be scared off or to scare him off.

Tip 2
Drop a hint:
As you know, guys don’t take hints too well. If you’re not willing to tell your guy yourself, you’ll be better off telling your mother, sister or girl friend what you like or don’t like and make sure they point your Mr. Right in the right direction.

Tip 3
You want your ring to fit perfectly from the moment you say yes! It will help your man a lot by letting him know your ring size. This way he won’t have to take a wild guess and hope it fits perfectly. It’s as easy as printing off a ring sizer from the internet or pop into a jewellery store they will be happy to size your finger accurately.

Tip 4
Expect the unexpected:
There’s only one thing you should expect – he’ll ask you to marry him. Chances are you’re going to be blown away no matter how he proposes. Don’t have any expectations on how he will propose or how you want him to propose. What is important is how much you love one another and if you truly want to marry your him.

Tips for Guys on Planning the perfect proposal