Restaurant marriage proposal

Restaurant marriage proposal

On the 3rd of September 2021, Bhavik and Ashwani got engaged.

Bhavik called us as he needed assistance urgently, his proposal was in a couple of days, and wanted help. The idea and venue were chosen at lightning speed, we booked at AZURE, 12 Apostles Hotel.

This lovely restaurant offers amazing views, which was important to Bhavik. He wanted a lovely setting, loads of decor and it to be semi-private. We chose a time so that other guests had not arrived yet, this was key to keeping it as private as possible for the “moment”.

To answer this brief, we used loads of flowers on the table. The gold glitter box was filled with her favourite chocolates. We used a frame that said; ‘will you marry me?” and lastly added in balloons from our favourite ladies at Rockarolla. The table was set, and we waited for the couple to arrive.

On their arrival, Bhavik led his lovely lady to the table, went down on one knee and asked the love of his life to marry him. SHE SAID YES! It was so beautiful to witness, a very happy moment indeed.

After the proposal, Jodi, our fabulous photographer took them around the hotel for some photos. She used the gardens and balcony. During the shoot a HUGE rainbow appeared, this was just magical. (we added in a sneaky rainbow photo, can you see it?)

Once the photos were done, they celebrated all evening with a romantic dinner for two. The restaurant marriage proposal is always a great idea. We wish them a lovely future together.

Restaurant marriage proposal


love is in the air


marry me sign

Restaurant marriage proposal

Restaurant marriage proposal

will you marry me

she said yes

12 Apostle marriage proposal


engagement ring

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Photographer: Fable of hearts

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