Keeping your wedding guests entertained

Keeping your wedding guests entertained

Keeping your guests entertained

There is a time during your wedding day where you and your partner will sneak away to have some couple photos taken. You are probably wondering what to do with your guests in order to keep them busy so you can take your time to capture the perfect memories. Here are a few ideas for you to take into consideration.

Please make sure that there is food available for your guests. Most guests would have skipped lunch to get ready for your wedding and after the ceremony, they will be needing something to munch on. We highly suggest serving an ‘interactive’ style of food as this ensures the guests do it themselves which in return keeps them busy. Think along the lines of a charcuterie, braai or a soup station.

Once they have food, guests will need something to sip on. Serving them champagne, wines, ciders, juices and waters is usually the way to ensure they stay sober while you are away. If you have the budget then think about incorporating a cocktail bar where guests can choose their own ingredients and have a bartender make them a cocktail.

Finally, you need some entertainment for them. There needs to be background music, a band or even a singer to ensure there is never a moment of silence. You can hire out many lawn games such as mini golf, croquet, boules, giant Jenga, giant chess and even beer pong! You can go crazy with hiring a company to set up a photo booth for your wedding or you can even do it yourself. Caricaturists are a fun way for your guests to have themselves drawn and they in return receive a gift from your wedding. A very popular trend at the moment is to have a glam station available for the ladies where they can get their make-up touched up by a professional just in case they shed a few tears during your ceremony!

The options for your pre-drinks are endless and it does, however, depend on your budget. There are loads of ways to splurge or save during this part of your wedding but at the end of the day, it’s all up to how you want your wedding to be. Keeping your wedding guests entertained is key to having a successful cocktail hour.