Joe & Kristin’s proposal

On the 22nd August 2014 Joe and Kristin got engaged! What an amazing Food truck Proposal is was. Kristin is an adventure seeker and loves to travel, they came all the way from Denver in the States. They both love to explore and experience new things. They have many more exciting trips planned after Cape Town, which include Greece and Istanbul.

As they have been on so many adventures together, we wanted to create something very different and special for their proposal. Joe mentioned he wanted it private, casual and stress-free. He described his perfect proposal if she said YES. We decided nature and views were very important as they have been to so many places before, they needed to remember “Cape Town”. Joe then mentioned, Table Mountain was iconic and would mean a lot if they could see it on the day. Table Mountain is a symbol of Cape Town and would remind them of their engagement every time they see a picture of it.

We finally decided Signal Hill was the best location for the proposal. We had to include something fun and unique which suited their personalities. Lady Bonin tea truck was the perfect idea for their big day. We hired a photographer, Lesley to video and photograph the whole event as per Joe’s request. After 5 years of dating Joe knew she was the one, the plan was all set and ready!

Two days before we found out the weather was not going to be great, so we moved it to the Friday afternoon, as we all know, Cape Town can be unpredictable. The sun actually came out and was a lovely afternoon with amazing views of the sea and mountain, no rain at all 🙂

Joe arrived at the chosen location on Signal Hill and asked Kristin to marry him… she said YES! They had views of the iconic Table Mountain in the background and ocean views in front of them. It was a perfect location and one to be remembered for the rest of their lives. Kristin had one of the most beautiful rings which was from New York, called Herkimer diamond rings. He choose this ring as they are very socially and environmentally responsible, its conflict free and made from recycled materials.

After the photo shoot, they enjoyed a ‘tea tasting” with Lady Bonin and had a small picnic to follow. They celebrated with friends that night in Cape Town, before they left the following day on their next adventure. We hope they LOVED their special Food truck Proposal.

We wish them all the best and hope they share many more exciting trips and stories in the future.

Proposal Joe Kristin PFZN-105

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Photographers by Lesley from Photofuzion