How to pick the perfect engagement ring and keep it a secret

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How to pick the perfect engagement ring and keep it a secret: When it comes to popping the question, the most challenging part is likely to be finding the right engagement ring. With endless shapes and styles, finding your partner’s dream engagement ring can seem like a pretty daunting task, not to mention keeping it all a secret. We asked Rare Pink  to put some handy tips together to help you find the perfect engagement ring without your other half finding out.

Find out her style

If you want to wow her with your choice of engagement ring the first step is to figure out your partner’s taste and style in rings. Sneak a peek at her jewellery box and see if you can see any themes, such as colour, metals and style. You could try asking her family and friends, but make sure their lips are sealed and don’t spoil the surprise. If you fear her friends loose lips then it may be worth just asking her mother and what better way to start your relationship with your future in-law.

Keep it personal

If you are looking to impress, then why not proposing with a custom engagement ring full of personal meaning. Look for trusted jewellers who offer a bespoke service. They will guide you through the design process with their expertise and experience. Designing a bespoke engagement ring will allow you to choose a ring based on more than just the colour of metal or style of setting, but rather to have something completely unique and with personal sentiment that has been designed especially for your bride-to-be.

Where to begin

So you are aware of your loved one’s taste and have found the perfect jeweller, this should help you create a unique engagement ring which is special to her. Why not add an even more personal touch by including her birthstone or the birthstone of the month you met? You can even consider designing a ring around a special symbol which has meaning to you both. This can be anything that has a special meaning for the two of you – perhaps you gave her a certain flower once, or you met in an iconic city. When it comes to bespoke engagement rings, true specialist jewellers can create a design inspired by anything you can imagine, so the world really is your oyster. Another option for adding a personal touch is by engraving the ring with words that are special to your relationship – maybe you call one another by special nicknames that only you know? Maybe there’s a special date or moment you want to remember? This can be a great way to add deeper meaning to your bespoke engagement ring.

Choose a discreet Jeweller

Any bespoke jeweller specialising in engagement rings will value of discretion. Nonetheless, make sure you stress the secrecy with your jeweller. Sure fire ways to get caught out include phone calls being overheard or having the ring shipped to your home.

You can avoid your future spouse catching you out by arranging phone calls to your cellphone while you are at work or avoiding phone calls completely by working with a jeweller who is happy to communicate with you via email. which is likely to be the most discreet method. If you would prefer to speak to your designers face to face, then choose a jeweller who will offer you face-to-face consultations at a time that suits you. Your jeweller should understand the need to be flexible when it comes to a surprise proposal, and whether you need to meet in your lunch hour, late at night or weekends, it shouldn’t pose a problem. Once your ring is ready you can either collect it from the jewellers or have it shipped to a discrete location, for example your office. If you are living with your partner and you are buying your ring online let your jeweller know that you may not want the ring to be shipped to your same billing address as she may see the post.

If you’re looking for a jeweller who’ll provide you with stunning bespoke designs and a discreet service tailored to your needs and price point, contact Rare Pink today. They are based in the UK so great for all our overseas clients!