Gavin & Viloshnie proposal

Cape Town proposal

On the 17th June 2014 Gavin and Viloshnie got engaged! What a magical Cape Town proposal.

Coming all the way from Durban, Gavin decided Cape Town was the place to ask that all important question! After trying to plan it in Durban for a few months and being let down by his suppliers, he came to us asking for assistance. The three things that he wanted to include in the proposal was a helicopter ride, a photographer and good weather. Now the first two we can plan, the last element is a bit tricky! We checked the weather for him and the date was set! Holding thumbs the weather played along, then everything would be be perfect!

Gavin had told Viloshnie that he had won a competition from the company he worked for. They had promised a ride in a helicopter to a beautiful location where a photographer would take some photo’s. This is what we set-up for them! They arrived at the V&A Waterfront, enjoyed a quick helicopter ride to the 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa. When they landed we were there to welcome them. We then started taking photo’s and had a mini couples shoot on Table mountain. Its was a FABULOUS day! A sunny, rather warm day in the Cape in the middle of winter!!

We had discussed with Gavin how he was going to propose. The plan was coming along very nicely… Viloshnie was told she had to take some photo’s by herself. We then went to give Gavin the ring out of his bag, she was in the fore ground and him in the background on his knee. When Viloshnie turned around, she saw him! He popped the question and we popped the bubbly for them! What a perfect proposal it was, she was very surprised and very excited! Little did she know the rest of the day was filled with a romantic high tea for two, spa treatments and a fine dining dinner. They spend two days in Cape Town and enjoyed all the wonderful sights.

We wish them all the best on this happy journey together! Congrats again and we still can not believe how amazing the weather was that day, at least all three elements came together perfectly. A perfect proposal for a perfect couple!

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Photo’s by Jilda Photography