Date ideas around Cape Town

Date ideas around Cape TownDate ideas around Cape Town

It is always fun to go out to dinner or to a movie with your partner but sometimes you need to find something a little more extraordinary to do. Whether your date likes to keep it simple or do some strenuous activity we will have an idea for you!

  • Lindt Chocolate Cooking Class – This is by far our number one choice! They have different classes for the different days of the week which range from Lindt Cupcake making to Lindt Teddy Bear making. This is the perfect fun date idea for any partner who has a sweet tooth. If you go onto their website you will find all the information you need. Booking is essential.
  • Cape Town Underground Tunnels – This is for our fitness couples who are not afraid for adventure or to get a little dirty. You have to pass a fitness test before you adventure into the tunnels that run under the beautiful streets of Cape Town. This is a good way to bond with your partner should you both be up for the challenge. Booking is essential.
  • Next we suggest heading to Chart Farm which is located in Wynberg, where you can actually walk around the gardens and pick your own roses. This is a romantic way to spend the morning with your partner as you get to create your own bouquet to take home. They have a farm stall on site as well as a coffee shop to full you up before you adventure into the gardens. Please check online before you go to ensure they are open for picking.
  • Glamping seems to be the new way to go in terms of getting in touch with your wild side which is why we LOVE the new company “Hey Pioneer”. How this works is you choose exactly where you want your camp to be set up and the Hey Pioneer team will set it up for you. You can also rent a camping package from them and set it up yourself. Either way, this is an awesome idea for the upcoming summer months.

It is always a good idea to plan a date for you and your partner. It shows effort and thought should you plan everything without them having to choose where to go, what to do or where to eat. Show a little love as we head into summer and spoil your partner, even if it just means taking them to the MOJO market or to the new Silo Hotel for an afternoon tea. We hope you enjoy our date ideas around Cape Town!