Choosing your dream wedding dress

Choosing your dream wedding dress CHOOSING YOUR DREAM WEDDING DRESS

Finding your dream wedding dress can be a stressful occasion. Many brides-to-be have been dreaming of their wedding gown since they were very young and know the exact specifications down to the last stitch. With all eyes on you, of course, you want to look perfect on your big day.

As a bride, you should do research to find what you like. Whether this be ripping pages out of magazines, exploring Pinterest or watching the style-channel, compiling a visual file of your favourite dresses will be a helpful start.

Once you have a variety of pictures, look for a connecting theme. Find a couple of similar characteristics in styles you like and bring your ideas to your first dress appointment.

It is very important to keep an open mind to finding a dream dress that you did not know would be your dream dress. Often women go to a dress designer with a set of ideas of what they want for a wedding dress and when it comes to trying the dress on, they don’t actually love it- instead, they fall for something completely differed that they had never considered!

Many bridal gowns take up to eight months to be produced and once it arrives, more time will be needed for alterations and accessorizing. Therefore, it is crucial to start browsing early.

Know your wedding theme before you start looking for a dress. Your wedding dress will set the ultimate tone for the wedding. Before shopping for your gown, decide whether you want a causal garden-themed wedding, a formal affair or a laid-back beach wedding.

Call the store ahead of time and make an appointment. Don’t waste time browsing at a store that doesn’t have the style, designer or price range you expect. Call the boutique ahead and make an appointment if the store matches your budget and needs.

Lastly, but most importantly, don’t choose a dress because it’s fashionable, choose one that you love and that makes you look and feel wonderful!

Choosing your dream wedding dressXOXO