YOU Magazine – “popping the question”


It’s holiday time and you’re thinking of popping the big question? Phillipa Stewart  of The Perfect Proposal gives you the heads up on how to plan for your big day. YOU Magazine – “popping the question”

Have the chat

It’s a big moment and the pressure is on – the one thing you don’t want is to hear the dreaded “no”. Having the right conversation about your future and your dreams is perhaps the most important step to popping the big question. Communication in any relationship is key.

Proposal planner

You want everything to be perfect, you want the proposal to be a surprise and you want your partner to love everything about it. Hiring a proposal planner means making sure all elements are taken care of and leaving this up to an expert. The key is to find a planner who understands your vision and works with you to create a day that’s what you as a couple love and not what the planner dictates.

The detail

The detail is what makes your proposal different, unique and especially for your partner. No two love stories are the same so know what she likes and incorporate that into the proposal, for example choosing the correct champagne or flowers for the day. Thinking about the little details can go a long way and make the moment special. Thinking out of the box is also key – that’s why we’re here to tie it all together.

Private vs public

Should it be a grand occasion in front of family, friends or a stadium filled with people or should it be a quiet moment between the two of you? With sixty proposals under our belt we’re going to say that most value privacy. That means you and her – and a beautiful setting. While flash mobs are popular they’re not for everyone. Keep your moment special, well planned, and remember there’s plenty of time afterwards to tell your family and friends but this moment only happens once and should be treasured and enjoyed initially between just the two of you. If your partner is social and you’re not sure what to do, keep the actual proposal private and intimate and then celebrate afterwards with those close to you.

Location, location, location

Where you pop the big question is an important part of the proposal planning process. You need to take the weather into consideration – have a backup plan ‒ and when selecting a setting make sure it means something to the two of you. Either a place that’s sentimental or brings back wonderful memories or somewhere to create new ones. Top tip: your partner needs to feel comfortable. If she hates the outdoors, don’t take her climbing a mountain. The perfect location means taking noise, food, location and privacy into consideration. You focus on your moment together – we do the planning.

Capture the moment

We suggest hiring a photographer to capture your moment. It’s important to do your research – you want someone talented who can capture your love but also someone discreet and noninvasive who doesn’t get in the way.

Happy planning!

-Phillipa Stewart (The Perfect Proposal)

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