Wedding Trends 2019

Wedding Trends 2019

New Wedding Trends for 2019

Historically, couples have favoured a more traditional approach towards their weddings, however, these days there seems to be a shift in the way they are planning their forthcoming nuptials. Couples are focusing more on what reflects them as people and a couple and looking for ways to express this in their weddings. The trends for 2019 indicate this shift in focus and the new ideas coming through as a departure from what was traditionally accepted.

Colour direction has expanded to include moody palettes with deep inks, reds and mustards as opposed to the traditional lean towards brighter colours. Complimenting the depth in colours, velvet is being used as an accent fabric on place-setting ribbons or on furniture. There is also an element of sentimentality, using pieces that are reminiscent of yesteryear, such as special silver cutlery and crockery with floral designs and gold edging, all placed on a banquet-style table.

The royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have also influenced the current wedding trends in a few notable ways. Wedding dresses are becoming simpler and more classic, which can be attributed to the dress choices of Meghan Markle. There is also a move towards ethical and eco-conscious weddings, ensuring all elements involved in the wedding are earth-friendly as was a big focus for the royal couple. The flower arrangements at the royal wedding also made a significant impact, which couples now choosing statement arches and circular arrangements full of beautiful flowers.

Some of the other popular trends for this year are making statements with chosen items, for example, statement wedding cakes, which take centre stage at the reception, statement lighting (eg: colourful lanterns) and balloon walls instead of flower walls. Dried flowers and pampas grass are being used instead of the traditional flowers, and outdoor furniture is being brought outside and indoor furniture taken outside. Couples are personalising their weddings by hiring artists to capture scenes at the wedding, personalising place settings with a note to each guest, adding custom illustrations to invitations, and customizing welcome bags for each guest. In another departure from the traditional, brides and grooms are inviting bridesmen and grooms girls to make up their bridal party, and brides are also choosing to make a speech at their receptions.

Wedding Trends 2019, these are just a few of the exciting new popular trends in wedding planning, giving every couple more options and the choice to add their own personal signatures to their special day! For more about our wedding planning packages, click here.