Sweet Gazebo proposal

Sweet Gazebo Proposal

On the 20th of October 2022, Rajeev and Amina got engaged!

When Rajeev explained that he wanted something ocean-facing with casual floor seating made cozy and comfortable with lots of scatter cushions, we knew just the spot: the Twelve Apostles Gazebo. Usually, the gazebo setup is done with a table and chairs, but we thought it would be a perfect match for his brief too. Rajeev informed us that Amina loves neutral colours, so we stuck with a tonal colour palette, and used a beige scatter cushion combined with lots of white flowers. We organised for the Gazebo to be draped, which gave it an even more intimate and romantic feel.

This lovely couple met while traveling, and have been dating for almost 4 years. The couple is from Durban, and so he disguised the weekend trip to Cape Town as a ‘birthday celebration’. After they landed, they drove straight to the Twelve Apostles Hotel, and shortly after checking into the hotel, a staff member escorted them to the Fynbos garden, where we had decorated the private gazebo.

Amina has no idea it was all for her. Rajeev asked the girl of his dreams to marry him, She said YES! It was her PERFECT PROPOSAL! We wish them all the best on this very happy journey together. Rajeev and Amina’s marriage proposal was so special, thank you for letting us play a part in this happy occasion!

Sweet Gazebo proposal

12 Apostles Gazebo proposal


marry me

she said yes

engaged Cape Town

marriage proposal

Sweet Gazebo proposal


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Photographer: Sian Owen