Romantic marriage proposal in Durban

Romantic marriage proposal in Durban

On the 25th of May 2023, Mihir and Terusha got engaged!

When Mihir contacted us to assist with his proposal to Terusha, we had many conversations discussing the various possibilities available to him and eventually finalized the vision that he had in mind.  The planning was meticulously done down to the last detail and the proposal was all set for the month of May.

This setup encapsulated red roses and the traditional “Marry Me” marquee lights as well as a beautiful neon sign which hung above the red rose petal proposal heart. Mihir had prepared a special heartfelt speech for Terusha (we just love emotional proposals) and she smiled and laughed all the way through it. This was a time filled with obvious joy! And once he produced the engagement ring her level of delight was palpable. They thoroughly enjoyed their photoshoot, and our glamourous couple made the most of the opportunity to have fun while sipping on a bottle of bubbly.  Thereafter, we encouraged them to video call family and friends to make the news of their engagement known and share with them the beautiful setup on a perfect autumn evening at sunset.

A Romantic marriage proposal in Durban was planned, congrats to the happy couple. We wish you all the best with this very exciting season of wedding planning.

Romantic marriage proposal in Durban

marry me

Romantic marriage proposal in Durban

happy couple


Photographer: Eugene from Promarc

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