Romantic ideas to do at home this Valentines Day

Looking for ideas to do this Valentines Day?

Here are some Romantic ideas to do at home this Valentines Day. They are easy to do and arrange without breaking the bank. If you decide you need more assistance when please give us a call to discuss some options. We have many last minute ideas up our sleeves…


“Richard Cadbury from the Cadbury chocolates family is responsible for starting the trend of giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day. In 1868 he gave chocolates to his ‘love’ in a heart shaped box. Richard recognized a great marketing opportunity for the new chocolates and started selling them in beautifully decorated boxes that he himself designed.

From that point, it was a quick jump to taking the familiar images of Cupids and roses and putting them on heart-shaped boxes. While Richard Cadbury didn’t actually patent the heart-shaped box, it’s widely believed that he was the first to produce one. Cadbury marketed the boxes as having a dual purpose: When the chocolates had all been eaten, the box itself was so pretty that it could be used again and again to store mementos, from locks of hair to love letters. The boxes grew increasingly elaborate until the outbreak of World War II, when sugar was rationed and Valentine’s Day celebrations were scaled down. But Victorian-era Cadbury boxes still exist, and many are treasured family heirlooms or valuable items prized by collectors.”

Romantic ideas to do at home this Valentines Day

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