Ozzy and Jacqui cute pancake proposal

On the 24th September 2017, Ozzy and Jacqui got engaged!

Beach picnic proposals are idyllic but always tend to be a bit stressful because of the unpredictable weather element! A dreary weekend forecast didn’t do much to relieve the situation, but when the morning of the proposal dawned a bright sunshiny day we knew it was going to be special indeed.
Using the long weekend as the perfect excuse for a weekend away with the entire family to the coast, Ozzy decided on a beach picnic to pop the question. Jacqui loves pancakes and Ozzy somehow wanted to incorporate this into the popping the BIG question! We put together a box containing red roses, Ferrero rochers (her favourite) and a giant stack of pancakes with the letters “will you marry me?” spelt out in chocolate. We have seen the words “will you marry me” take on many shapes and forms but never on pancakes! However, we just loved this very unique and novel way of adding a very personal touch to a proposal, making the moment extra special.

When they arrived at the beach Ozzy lead Jacqui down a romantic path created with large wooden signs with love quotes on them. At the picnic setup, he handed Jacqui the box to untie and when she looked inside he was on one knee! This is one of the happiest proposal reactions that we have witnessed (hidden from behind the bushes of course) and definitely one for the memory books. The whole family then joined in on the celebrations afterwards another special touch that Ozzy had thought of in a long line of personal touches.

The special moment was captured by the very talented Hayley and we love how each photograph reflects the fun-loving relationship of this delightful couple. We were honoured to be part of this very special day and wish Ozzy and Jacqui a very bright and happy future together. Ozzy and Jacqui cute pancake proposal was just the sweetest 🙂 hee hee

Ozzy and Jacqui cute pancake proposalOzzy and Jacqui cute pancake proposalOzzy and Jacqui cute pancake proposalOzzy and Jacqui cute pancake proposalPhotographer: Hayley Walker