Nixon Makeup Our perfect professionals

Nixon Makeup Our perfect professionals

Nixon Makeup Our perfect professionals

Our September professional is Lindsay from Nixon Makeup. They are based in Durban and wanted to share some wedding makeup tips for all our brides-to-be. Feeling fabulous on your wedding day is so important, choose the right suppliers and you can’t go wrong.

Tell us more about Nixon Make-up and how you work? 

Nixon Make-Up‘ is owned and run by Lindsay Nixon who is a professional make up artist and hairstylist and this is a special year for us as it’s our 15 year anniversary.

Lindsay has 25 years of experience in the fashion industry and works as a makeup artist and hairstylist in the Advertising, Commercial, Fashion and Wedding Industries around South Africa.

‘Nixon Make Up‘ also works as an agent for 10 other amazing artists, we believe that it takes a special creative stylist’s eye to be a GREAT artist and Lindsay prides herself on seeking out that talent and representing it.

‘Nixon Make up‘ is lucky enough to have most of our artists booked every Saturday on weddings and we go in teams of 2 to each wedding.

We LOVE makeup and are self-confessed makeup shopaholics and because of this has lots of makeup brands in our kits including MAC, Kryolan, Bobbi Brown, and many more.

What are your top tips for brides-to-be when choosing a makeup artist?

We recommend always booking an artist from a reputable team that has a good reputation in the industry, we think this is why ‘Nixon Make up’ has done so well over the past 15 years, when you book a makeup and hair artist for your wedding, you need to make sure she has the talent and experience to be able to create the look and style you are wanting for yourself on your special day.

Should every bride have a trial before the big day? 

We believe it is very important to have a trial before your wedding day, this gives the artist and the bride a chance to get to know each other and develop a personal relationship with each other so you are not strangers on the morning of your wedding, and more importantly, you are confident in the artist.

We always ask our brides to bring pics of their dress, decor, flowers, style, and taste for their wedding to the trial, so the makeup artist can make sure we are on the same page when it comes to creating the vision the bride sees for herself on her special day.

What are the upcoming trends for hair & makeup?

We LOVE all things pretty and wedding related! Trends come and go but elegance is forever! We try to keep the makeup and hair as timeless as possible, we don’t want any bride to look back in ten years and wonder why! However, having said that, soft braids and flowers in the hair will never go out of fashion!!!

Can you give any expert advice to our brides for their wedding day?

We love to hear all the ideas from our brides about the mood they would like to set for the day and we work together with her to create this.

We have a strong makeup philosophy at ‘Nixon Makeup‘ that makeup should be used to enhance your beauty and your features and is not about painting your face, so come for a trial and let the artist show you how truly beautiful you are!

Nixon Makeup Our perfect professionals

Nixon Makeup Our perfect professionals

Nixon Makeup Our perfect professionals

Nixon Makeup Our perfect professionals, thank you for sharing your stories with us.




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