My Perfect Proposal

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On the 11th April 2014 my boyfriend (now fiance) Maxy popped the question! As the owner and founder of The Perfect Proposal I thought I would share my perfect proposal with everyone…..

On the 10th April we celebrate our anniversary. As ‘romantics’ we like planning something fun to do! This year we decided we would take each on romantic weekend’s away to get out of Cape Town. For my weekend away I booked in Robertson and enjoyed a river cruise down the Breede River. We stayed at Die Laatjie, a beautiful spot in the heart of the Dassieshoek nature reserve (a passion we share is hiking and walks).

I was very excited for what Maxy had in store for his weekend as two romantic weekends in one month is very special! On the Thursday (our actual anniversary date) he started giving away some clues as he was keeping it all a secret from me the whole time. I received an email / letter from him telling me what to pack and bring for the weekend (this included my camera, a dress, hiking stuff and bikini). On Friday lunchtime we set off to this secret destination. He had brought me my favourite snacks for the car trip – popcorn, dried fruit and dolmandes – don’t ask!

We set off on the N2 passing Elgin and Hermanus. Halfway there I started guessing where we were headed and after a while I realised we were on the way to the beautiful town of Greyton. We arrived at the most amazing house that he had rented for our special weekend. The garden went on for miles and there was also a swing hanging from a willow tree, which I am obsessed with! Maxy then unpacked our things and told me to put on my hiking shoes. Greyton is surrounded by a beautiful mountain range and I thought nothing of it and started chatting about how hot it was. There was a heat wave in Cape Town that week – temperatures reaching 30 degrees. We stopped at a viewpoint high up in the mountains where Maxy proceeded to dig around in his bag while I sat there taking pictures of the views. After this he turned around with the most amazing ring box in his hand!! He had been making it in his ‘man cave’ for the last two months (he is very skilled at woodwork). He was on one knee and I said YES!!! Inside the box were loose diamonds which meant I got to design my own ring (as he knows I’m so fussy). My Perfect Proposal !!!

After the celebrations he had booked at a lovely restaurant called Peccadillos where he and the owner had come up with my perfect dinner! Baked artichokes to start (they were not in season so Maxy imported them from Sicily) followed by a delicious curry and my favourite dessert, tiramisu. We drank French champagne and ate local Von Geusau chocolates. We had a great time! We spend the rest of the weekend in Greyton enjoying this quaint town.

We sent Postcards from Greyton to our family to tell them the great news! Just something they can keep to remember how special it was for us!

Thank you Maxy for MY PERFECT PROPOSAL! Let the wedding planning begin…

(Maxy did not hire a photographer so excuse the selfie)