Month of Love


The month of love, February. We celebrate this month with sharing some valuable advice.

Love or hate Valentines, it is a perfect day to spend time with the one you love! Whether you have something big planned or it’s a small gesture it is important to create new memories and spend time together. Life is so busy that we need to make the effort to celebrate special occasions.


Valentines Day advice:

Remember to keep it very personal! If your partner loves nature or the beach try arranging a romantic picnic for two in your favourite spot. Bring along everything that would make him or her happy!

Forgotten to buy a present for Valentine’s day? Click here to download & print these adorable free printables as a fun gift. It is the month of love after all.

Love Heart Coloring Page

Another great gift idea, print these “love images” and buy a frame to place them it in. A lovely present for her house or work desk.

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Proposal advice:

A perfect engagement is her saying YES, but having all the smaller details in place and both partners enjoying their day we consider that perfect. While you want to pre-plan, take our advice, enjoy every moment and don’t forget to stop, breathe and take it all in. Remember it’s a story that is told for generations to come!


Advice for Measuring her ring size:

The most common way is to take one of her favourite rings and get the goldsmith or ring designer to measure it. Most rings she wears often, on the right hand, will give the best indication of her size. Another way is to ask her mum or friend to take her ‘ring shopping ‘ to get the correct size. If you think these are too obvious take one of her rings and place it on a piece of paper. Draw a circle on the inside & outside of the ring. Jewellers can usually figure out the size from your sketches. Make a few circles so you know they are consistent.


TO REMEMBER: our dominant hands tend to be slightly bigger so make sure you measure her left hand!


Enjoy the month of love from all of us at The Perfect Proposal.