Marry me sign – The Perfect Proposal

Marry me sign - The Perfect Proposal

“Marry me sign – The Perfect Proposal”

Giant Letters for that all important question!

Looking for a unique way to ask that special someone that all important question? “Will you Marry me?”
We have just collected awesome GIANT letters to be used with your proposal set up. These letters can be seen from the sky or from a spectacular view, they can be spread out across a beach or laid out in a venue. They can be used in private or together with family and friends to create a fun marriage proposal.

We have lots of “marry me signs” so please inquire about the items we have. We can create any personalised sign that you desire.

We have so many fun and different proposal ideas that we are so excited to create… So get in touch with us to plan your dream proposal!

Marry me sign - The Perfect Proposal