How to throw a bridal shower

How to throw a bridal shower


Do you have the honour of preparing a bridal shower for your best friend? These tips should help make this fun task a little easier!

Let’s get started… First of all, a bridal shower is not the same as a bachelorette party. A bridal shower is an event where those invited bring gifts for the bride-to-be. These gifts are meant to help her transition into the married life.

It is important to talk to the bride-to-be before starting with planning. Discuss the theme, date and guest list for the shower as soon as possible. The bridal shower can be held anywhere from six months to two weeks before the wedding.

Before sending out invitations, confirm the date with family members to ensure that they will be able to come. Once you have decided on the guest list, venue and date, invitations should be sent out to all of the bride and groom’s close female friends and relatives.

If the bride decides to have a themed bridal shower, then the decorations should correspond with that theme. If she has no preference on a theme, then there are many decorations to choose from. Create a colour scheme with her favourite colours. These can be presented with balloons, banners, bunting and flowers.

Next, decide on a tasty menu for the bridal shower. Bridal showers tend to include light bites, such as tea sandwiches, cheeseboards and pastries. In terms of drinks, a mimosa bar with chilled champagne and a variety of juices is bound to be a hit.

No bridal shower is complete without some sort of activity. A fun game is to test how well the guests know the couple with the bride and groom trivia. For something more sentimental, have a ‘my favourite memory’ jar. Place a jar with paper on a table near the entrance of the shower and have the guests fill out a slip of paper with their favourite memory of them and the bride.

Remember that this is a time for celebration and the more laughs, and even happy cries, the better!

How to throw a bridal shower

How to throw a bridal shower