How to measure your partner’s ring size

How to measure your partner’s ring size

How to measure your partner’s ring size

Wedding rings have long been exchanged as a symbol of love and devotion. The circular ring has neither a start not finish, which is symbolic of the everlasting union. If you are wondering on how to find your partner’s engagement ring size without them finding out, you are not alone.

Use one of their other rings to get an approximate size

If your partner is away or you know they won’t notice one of their rings missing, you can take a ring out of their jewellery box and do one of the following options to determine their size.

Take the ring straight to the jeweller so that they can measure the ring size for you. The other option would be to order a ring sizer online. Alternatively, you could use a pen and paper (or your finger) to document their ring size. For this option, trace the inside of your partner’s ring on a piece of paper and then let your jeweller figure out the diameter of the ring from your sketch.

According to jewellers, the most accurate way to determine your partner’s ring size is to take a ring that they wear often, while they aren’t paying attention and put it on one of your own fingers. Then, take a pen and draw a line on your finger directly below where the ring is sitting. After that, head to your jeweller so they can use one of their ring sizers to find the best match based on where the line is on your finger.

One last tip: it is always better to slightly overestimate their ring size and it be too big than slightly underestimate it and they aren’t able to wear it after you propose. It is much easier to resize a ring that’s too big than too small!