Grazia – Do’s & Don’ts for Valentine’s Day

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Grazia – Do’s & Don’ts for Valentine’s Day! We were asked to write about it…

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“We chatted to Philippa Stewart, owner of The Perfect Proposal, to share the dos and don’ts of Valentine’s Day!

Tell us what you love about Valentines Day?

Valentine’s day gives you an excuse to celebrate the one that you love. Although you have 364 days of the year to do so, it’s the one- day you can make an extra effort, arrange a special date, get creative and make memories. We love that you don’t have to make things about how much you spend or which restaurant you dined at. Rather, it’s about taking time out of your busy schedule to enjoy each other’s company.

What is the perfect gift for a girl to receive on Valentines Day?

Chocolates and flowers are a “I didn’t give this much thought” kind of a Valentine’s Day gift. Try doing something sentimental or special for her. Put thought into her gift, it shows. A woman appreciates you expressing your feelings, so don’t forget the card. Do something unexpected – use what you know she loves to create the perfect evening, adventure or day.

Can you give us some gift ideas to give our boyfriends?

  • Bjorn Borg is launching in South Africa this February at selected Stuttafords stores! You will find really amazing underwear that is trendy, is amazing quality and usually fits very well. Follow @bjornborgsa on Twitter for updates.
  • We’re huge fans of online Men’s Style destination, Mr Porter. Order his V-day gifts online at Explore the grooming and gifts section. It’s a goodie.
  • For the tech savvy: Heard of the Samsung Galaxy NX? If your guy’s into social media, photo editing and an Insta addict – he will love this (and so will you). The Galaxy NX is an android powered, interchangeable lens camera with a 20-megapixel sensor. You can access smartphone apps and features a built-in wi-fi and 3G radio so your pics can be shot, edited and uploaded as quick as you can say snap.
  • For the guy who loves Porsche: So you can’t exactly afford to buy him the 911 Carrera but have you seen the Porsche Design SA collection? Fashion, sport, watches, luggage, shoes, eyewear and even technology all in modern designs, high-end luxury (obviously, people, it’s Porsche). We’re obsessed with the Men’s French classic tote. Visit the Porsche Design SA store in Hyde Park or shop online at at 40 percent less and free delivery for anywhere in South Africa.
  • Get him wheels: If he’s in the market for a bike – the Dahon folding bike is super cool. Browse for the right bike at
  • For the guy who loves fine wine or craft beer: Create a special evening of wine tasting (or craft beer tasting) for him to enjoy. Go for a bottle of white, a bottle of red and a dessert wine then pair each with a food that complements the wine (either speak to a sommelier or do your research online before deciding on which food goes best with the wine). Create a beautiful table setting with subtle touches. Get your decor from online store
  • 250gram is a social media printing service that we love! Go online at and login to your Instagram account, select the pics that you love of you and your better half or pics that you know he will love and just like that, your Instagram snaps are printed in beautiful Polaroid print outs and delivered to your door. How cute is that?

Are there any big trends this year for Valentines Day?

1. The great outdoors: cycling, picnics, anything outside is on the up! A picnic is an affordable and romantic option for lovers.

2. Pretty decor – Radiant orchid is Pantone’s 2014 colour and hues of pink are also predominant. Keep this in mind when buying or ordering your packaging and stationary or even decor for Valentine’s Day.

3. In the world of lifestyle trends, infused ice cubes and craft cocktails are big this season…

4. We’re shifting to a visual vocabulary that relies on photos, imagery and visual beauty supplementing text so welcome the year of visual – capture your day in Polaroids, social media platforms and embrace videos that document your love.

Do you embrace red for the day of love or do you think people should stay clear of the usual conventions?

We are seeing a lot of pink, lavender, mint, navy and gold as popular colours for 2014. Using subtle hints of pink is always great – pink roses, pink ribbons, and pink accessories. Pink works well with mint, grey and gold. If you want to go classic, then black and red are always timeless.

Can you tell us about the best Valentines Day date you have ever planned?

The Perfect Proposal is all about original content and innovative ideas for romantic occasions so we plan Valentine’s Day to suit the couple, their loves and their vision and then add our expertise. A beautiful idea is to create your own chocolate or sweet “pop-up shop” containing all her favourite sweet treats. We find the venue, transform the space and create your own romantic candy shop, filling the space with her favourite flowers and scented candles along with a soundtrack.

If all else fails, then… drink champagne with the girls.

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