Frequently asked questions about Proposal planning

Frequently asked questions about Proposal planning

Frequently asked questions about Proposal planning

We have put together a few questions we get asked on a regular basis about proposal planning. This will hopefully assist about how it works and give you more of an idea about our business.

What is proposal planning?

We assist you in planning your perfect marriage proposal! We can offer new ideas or bring your own idea to life. We source all suppliers, make bookings and manage them so everything is kept a secret. All details are personalised and created for each couple. On the day, we do all the set up before you arrive, so your partner gets a huge surprise. All you have to do is ask that important question, “will you marry me?”

What is a perfect proposal?

It is when your partner says YES to your marriage proposal. On our side, its when the event runs smoothly and you are happy! We jump for joy at every proposal we are involved with, it’s the most magical time.

When proposing what should I say?

We suggest speaking from the heart. Tell your partner you love them and want to spend the rest of your life with them. It’s a nerve wrecking moment so keeping it simple is always best. You can prepare a speech but only if you feel comfortable memorising it and not feeling anxious.

Where do I buy an engagement ring?

We have amazing suppliers who we can put you in touch with. It’s a daunting process to start but they will assist with all details.

How should I present the ring?

The traditional way is to use a ring box and to open it when down on one knee. We understand ring boxes can be large or awkward to fit into pockets. There are a few tricks that can be used to assist with this situation.

  • Carry a camera bag
  • Wear a jacket with larger pockets
  • Use a backpack
  • Buy a special ring box – we can suggest some lovely options
  • Place the ring at the proposal area before you arrive

What shall we wear on the day?

It’s best to feel comfortable and natural so wear what you normally would wear. However, we do suggest taking into account your chosen venue, for example, a fancy restaurant you might want to dress formally. Then for outside areas, you might need closed shoes or jackets to keep warm.

If there are weather problems, what happens?

We will contact you a few days before if we are worried about the weather. It does depend on your idea & venue but usually, we try and create plan b. This would mean moving the proposal to undercover or changing the time. If the weather is really poor and no plan b can be put in place, we ask to postpone to another day. We will go through all the options but the final call is yours to make.

Should I ask her father for her hand in marriage?

We believe in keeping up traditions, it also shows respect and acknowledgement for that person.

Should I get down on 1 knee when asking? Which knee is the correct one?

Yes, we think it’s important! It makes the moment more real and special. Either knee is correct, whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Is it best to book a photographer or not?

This is a personal choice if you want another person there at the moment. You do get amazing photos and these can be kept to show family or even used at your wedding. We can book a photographer for you and ensure they are in the right spot at the right time, so they capture that perfect shot!

Do you do sunrise or sunset proposals? What is the best time of day for photos?

We can arrange a proposal for any time of the day. The best times are sunrise and sunset because of the light. Photos are best in a softer light unlike midday when the sun is the brightest. Just remember after dark a flash has to be used and that is not ideal when you need a photographer hidden.

Can I have the marriage proposal filmed?

Yes, of course, we can hire a videographer to capture the proposal on film.

If I want live music, is it possible?

Absolutely! It all depends on the venue and your budget. The singer can sing your favourite song on your arrival. We can always use a wireless speaker if a singer is not within the budget.

Should I ask the family to be involved or be private?

This is a personal choice and what you feel comfortable with. If you do decide to invite family, we have many ideas on how to get them involved.

Private or public proposals? What is best?

A personal choice, but most couples prefer private venues. Public areas are actually so much fun! Bystanders have the most amazing reactions to marriage proposals.

If there are dietary requirements – are these taken into account?

Yes, of course, we ask what your preference are and if there are any allergies.

Champagne to celebrate but we do not drink alcohol?

If you do not drink alcohol you can still pop open a bottle of special non-alcoholic bubbly to celebrate.

Do you use live animals for proposals?

We have been asked a couple of times to use puppies, kittens or rabbits as props. We are very happy to use them if the couple is keeping that animal and brought into a loving home. We do not like to rent or borrow animals as they usually scared and feel uncomfortable. We only want what is best for the animal & you!

Can we meet to discuss ideas in person?

We are happy to meet when a package is chosen and paid for. We can then bring the ideas along and go through them with you. Our Q&A form gives us lots of information that is needed in the beginning stages.

Are all your ideas based on my partner’s likes?

Yes, we send you a Question and Answer form that you fill out in detail. Once received if we work out ideas from this. If we need more information we will give you a call to chat further.

I have my own idea, but can you make it possible?

We are very happy to hear your idea and if possible we will make it happen. There are obviously some ideas that might not be possible but we will try and assist as much as we can, maybe adapt the idea for something similar.

If we want to keep the proposal private, is that possible?

Yes, of course, we love to share your stories on our blog and social media platforms, but if you are private people we do ask and it’s kept a secret.

How much on average does a proposal cost?

We work with your budget but on average a proposal can cost R3000 upwards. The more external suppliers booked the more expensive it becomes. A very lavish proposal costs R8000 – R50 000.

When do final payments need to be made?

Final payment is required before the event day, we usually ask for it when payments are being made so that all suppliers and deco can be brought before the time.

Do you keep dates or do you require payment?

As our lives are all so busy, we only secure dates once payment is received. This ensures you your date is kept. It is only fair as some dates are more popular than others.

If an event is cancelled, do I get a refund?

Yes, we will try and assist as much as possible. It all depends on the idea, venue and suppliers.

Have you ever had someone say NO?

We have never had a NO and hope we never do!!! 100% success rate 🙂

How long have you been in business?

We officially started in 2013, so this year is our 6th year in business.

Can you assist me with accommodation?

We offer accommodation sourcing in our Full Package. We also have lovely ideas that include staying the night so that can be included as options. A romantic weekend away is a great proposal idea.

Can you assist me with booking flights and cars?

We do not book flights, as this can easily be done online. We are very happy to book shuttles and private cars for collection for the proposal. We have used limos, private cars and even sidecars in the past.

We are engaged, now what?

Once all the engagement excitement dies down, wedding planning begins! We offer wedding planning as a service and will happily send you our packages. Its very daunting at the beginning to choose a venue and suppliers, even decide on your look & feel. We can assist in all areas and have suitable packages for all.