Engagement traditions are obsolete

Engagement traditions are obsolete?

We received this infographic with some interesting information about rings and traditions. Are our old traditions that have been passed on for generations becoming extinct or is it just older couples who know what they want in life and maybe even their second marriage?

Engagement Traditions

We all know the main traditions that we all “think” should be included in a marriage proposal:

  • Ask for her father’s blessing
  • Have an engagement ring to give her on the day
  • Saying those magical words… “Will you marry me?”
  • Bend down on one knee when asking her hand in marriage

At the end of the day, it’s about the couple and what they believe in. Think about your partner and ask yourself what she would like. Remember to think about her family too, as her parents might be upset if they did not know about it. We feel if you do not know the answer then keep the traditions alive.

Engagement rings:

Is she a strong believer in keeping everything a surprise or would she want to choose her own ring? If you do not know the answer to that question then we suggest asking her family or friends what she likes. They might let the secret out, so do bear this in mind. Another idea would be to buy her a loose stone / stones that can be set into a ring after the proposal. So on the day you give her a diamond and you then go together to design the ring. It can be a fun experience to discuss it and decide together. Need more inspiration on engagement rings, look at our Pinterest board of “Friday Rocks”.

We want to know what you think about this topic?

Thank you William May, a vintage jewellery specialists from the UK who did some research on this topic. They did a survey with over 5000 people asking them the question… Engagement traditions are obsolete???

Engagement traditions are obsoleteXOXO