Engagement Rings are forever…

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Diamonds are forever… and so are engagement rings!

An engagement ring symbolizes that you are engaged to be married. That’s the obvious part!

It represents a formal agreement of future marriage. A promise to one another to show you are committed.

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How did this romantic gesture come about… well it all  started back in Ancient Egypt as the circle represented  a never ending cycle. The ring was placed on the fourth finger on the left hand as it has a  vein leading to the heart. The Romans took it one step further and gave engagement rings as well as a small key. They say that the key represented “the unlocking of wealth”. Not so romantic as they believed  the ring symbolized ownership rather than love.

Greeks called these rings “betrothal rings” given on the wedding day. Europe called their rings “posie rings” – a promise of fidelity and love! America used “thimbles” as a sign of companionship. The first documented engagement was in 1477 by Archduke Maximilian of Austria Burgundy. Engagement rings were not standard in the Western world until the end of the 19th century. Thimbles were given rather than rings. So ladies aren’t we lucky this changed! Diamonds rings only became common in 1930’s.

Now-days it is very common to receive diamonds! Diamonds are a girls best friend… aren’t they?


In the 21st century it is now common for the bride-to-be to wear a ring to signify the couples commitment to one another.

Whether its a gemstone or a diamond ring this romantic gesture has been passed down through the ages…

Lets not forget what a special and magical moment it is to share that with the person you love & adore. Engagement Rings are forever…