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ELLE magazine asked our client Daniel & Milena about their proposal here in Cape Town. This is what they had to say:

“We chatted to Daniel who journeyed to Cape Town from Romania to propose to Milena after 15 months of dating:

How did you hear about The Perfect Proposal?
I came across The Perfect Proposal on the Internet and I immediately realised that this was what I needed. Coming from Romania, I didn’t know Cape Town and needed the guidance and creativity to pull off a truly memorable experience for Milena.

How long in advance did you contact The Perfect Proposal?
Three months before the big day.

Tell us about your journey with The Perfect Proposal – what did it entail?
It was very simple. I contacted The Perfect Proposal and told them what I wanted. Philippa immediately responded with guidance and suggestions and from there it was about working together on making the day memorable and all about Milena. This is what I loved about the experience – it’s about the couple and not just a company’s ideas. The package is personal. After an exchange of at least 30 emails, (yes, I had lots of questions) we finally settled on the details. Philippa was very patient with me and really took the stress out of the process.

So, what every woman wants to know… share the details with us!

I took Milena for lunch and then I suggested a walk along Clifton Beach. I wanted the moment to be simple but incredibly special. When we got to the beach, there was a guitarist playing our favourite song and champagne, desserts and roses awaited us alongside a beautiful lace umbrella and a sign that read: ‘Marry me Milena.’

Laugh if you must but there the photographer hid behind a rock to capture the proposal. It was still private but having someone capturing that moment is really amazing.

We hear the celebration continued to the following day – was this part of the plan?
It was part of the plan, Philippa suggested a dinner that evening at Pigalle purely because Milena and I share a love of dancing. She used to be a professional dancer and Pigalle offers dancing, amazing cuisine and a certain grandeur and elegance in contrast to our day at the beach.

Would you recommend The Perfect Proposal service to guys considering popping the big question?
Yes, I would. It’s a professional service. Especially to those who want to make the event a memorable one and I can say that women appreciate the thought and planning that is put in for such a special (and glitch free) day.

What made you decide to go with a company to assist you on your special day?
I realistically couldn’t pull everything off on my own. The key behind a proposal is the element of surprise and to keep this from Milena would have been impossible without The Perfect Proposal doing the legwork.

Did the actual day plan out how you envisioned it?
The day exceeded my expectations. You can’t buy the reaction of the person you love and because The Perfect Proposal did the actual work on the day – I was left to enjoy every moment.

And from the bride to be?

Milena says:

‘It was the greatest and the most beautiful surprise of my life. I didn’t suspect a thing. I love that he chose this way to create a special moment in our lives. He cared enough to find the perfect service to create what was a perfect day.’”

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Read more about it here: http://www.elle.co.za/the-perfect-proposal/

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Photo’s by Christine Watters