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We were asked to answer a few questions for a Destiny Man article ( here is the article below:


Whether you are going to do the Kanye West “full stadium, 50 piece orchestra and fireworks” proposal or a simple “picnic in your favourite spot” proposal, we all know that everything has to go without a single hitch.

DESTINY MAN spoke to Philippa Stewart owner of engagement planning company, The Perfect Proposal on how to plan your special moment.

What things does one have to consider before planning a proposal?

A proposal only happens once, (we hope) so it needs to be memorable. If detail isn’t your forte, ask an expert. They can make sure that the sentimental, practical and romantic elements are all covered. The ring and asking her father for her hand in marriage is an important element to secure first. Most importantly, you must make sure your proposal is original and a day you both will remember forever.

Roughly how much of a wedding budget should go into the proposal, especially the ring?

The proposal, the ring and the big day are all apart of the couple’s story so make sure each element is special. Key to the proposal and to the wedding is to spend what you can afford, to budget properly and plan ahead. When it comes to the ring – invest in something that she will love and that suits her. Tradition suggests a man with marriage on his mind should spend between one and three months’ salary on an engagement ring. Forget the rules, spend what you can afford. It’s a symbol of your eternal commitment and love to one another so yes, invest wisely but do keep in mind that as the years go by, many couples add to their ring and have this redesigned to what they can afford in later years or as a celebration of an anniversary.

The proposal itself is a story retold. Don’t skimp on what is one of a woman’s most important days. Pre planning and clever thinking can cut down costs on the proposal. What is key is that the proposal is personal and well thought out. We say – invest in popping the big question. It also helps if both the bride and groom’s families are contributing to the wedding itself, you can focus on the ring and proposal.

What are clever ways you have found to get a bride to be’s ring size without her suspecting a proposal?

Enlist help — ask one of her friends to take her on a shopping spree and to try on a few rings just for fun. Remember girls talk so the less people you tell, the better as you don’t want to spoil the surprise.

A perfect engagement is her saying yes, of course, but having all the details in place and both partners enjoying their day is what really makes it a perfect proposal.

For a less obvious option, sneak one of her rings out the house and get the jeweler to fit it. If you think these options are too obvious — take one of her rings and place it on a piece of paper. Trace a line around the inside of the ring and the outside of the ring onto a piece of paper. Jewellers can usually figure out the size from your sketches. Make a few circles to know they are consistent.

Remember the rule of thumb is that it is easier to re-size down to a smaller size than to make it bigger. And if your better half is really fussy- do make sure your jeweler has an exchange policy if the ring is not what she loves. And if all else fails, and you’re not the romantic duo, ask her directly for her ring size. The proposal and the timing will still be a surprise!

When your clients come to you, what is their biggest worry?

Believe it or not but in most cases they let doubt sneak in! They know deep down she will say yes but the nerves do kick in! We suggest having the serious conversation of life, love and your future plans together well in advance so you are on the same page.

How do you appease their nerves about this worry?

As event planners our job is to make sure everything is in order for the ‘perfect proposal’.  The planning process allows us to get to know our clients, know what their concerns are and we find a way to calm them with making sure all aspects of the event are taken care of.

The Perfect Proposal offers tailor-made packages for the day and personalized service so that your day is glitch free. We take care of the location, suppliers and the details and bring your vision to life.

What defines a perfect engagement?

A perfect engagement is her saying yes, of course, but having all the details in place and both partners enjoying their day is what really makes it a perfect proposal. The day is about the couple so it is important for them to both be comfortable and happy!

Key to a proposal is to push pause as a couple, take it in, enjoy every moment because it only happens once. Leave time in the day or evening to chat to each other and enjoy sharing this with your friends and family after you have taken it all in!