Christmas Proposal Ideas

Christmas Proposal Ideas

Christmas Proposal Ideas

Its the time of giving, joy and family occasions with so much going on its hard to think of creative ways to pop the question. If you read other ideas they are mostly for America where its cold and snowy, whereas South Africa its hot and sunny so we based these ideas to suit the summer season. Here are a few of our Christmas proposal ideas for the holidays:

Christmas Tree Proposal

If your partner loves decorating the Christmas tree, then this one is for you. Tell them you are going to an outing to the “forest” to find that perfect tree to cut down. Take all the proper tools with you to make it look real. As you enter the forest, there will be hundreds of ribbons and Christmas decorations hanging from the real pine trees. Create the set-up with a picnic blanket and bottle of bubbly. From one of the hanging ornaments take out the ring and ask that magic question.

TIP: Scout the perfect location and if possible use a privately owed forest, no one likes trespasses.

Outdoor Christmas Movie Proposal

If your partner love the outdoors, then we suggest watching an outdoor movie together. Set up the TV, couch, blankets and pillows outside in your garden. Rent your favorite Christmas movie to watch, either before it starts or half way through pop the question. Make popcorn for snacks and open the bubbly to celebrate. It would be a very romantic evening under the stars!

TIP: Check the weather before you set it all up and you don’t want your TV or furniture getting wet. You also do not want your partner to be freezing, so make it comfortable!

Christmas Puppy Proposal

On Christmas morning tell your partner to wait in bed as you need to fetch something (the puppy) place the puppy under the Christmas tree and tell them to enter. Tie a big bow around the puppy’s neck with the words will you marry me on the collar /tag. Its not one surprise but two!

TIP: Remember puppies can make a noise and they need to breathe.

Christmas Gift Proposal

Public vs private, if your partner would enjoy sharing the excitement with their family and friends then this is ideal. We suggest placing the engagement ring in a wrapped box. Hand them the box and wait until they open it. At first glance the box will look empty but there will be a secret note at the bottom that says… “will you marry me?” At that point get on your knee and show her the ring! With family and friends around they will have to say YES!!

TIP: Make sure you hand them the correct box and make sure no one else opens it by mistake.

Christmas Lights Proposal

Look in your area for streets that have Christmas lights or even parks or houses that would be decorated. We suggest telling your partner you are taking them to a fancy restaurant for dinner. Once in the car, take the road that you know has all the lights on. Enjoy looking at the Christmas lights while you listen to Christmas carols. At the end of the road stop and show them the last lights, this will read “will you marry me?” she will be so surprised. We still suggest taking them out for that special dinner to celebrate!

TIP: Drive around before the day to make sure the lights are up and it looks pretty.

Christmas Picnic Proposal

If your partner LOVES Christmas then this idea could work all year round. We suggest filling an area with Christmas decorations, tinsel, lights and even the tree. We would use an outside area like a forest or your garden. Create a magical “Christmas” garden in nature. Tell them to open the only present under the tree which would have the ring inside. Once opened ask them to marry you. We suggest making a Christmas picnic with all the delicious food you get around Christmas time. Mince pies, turkey, chocolate balls, fruit cake, gingerbread man and roasted chestnuts. The whole idea would be to create a Christmas picnic proposal.

TIP: We suggest hiring a photographer to capture the moment and do a couples shoot with all the fun decorations.

Christmas Cookies

We suggest contacting your local bakery or cake maker to design cookies or mince pies that spell out “Will you marry me” these delicious treats would be placed in a beautiful box. Surprise your partner at work or in their favorite spot (maybe a viewpoint or a meaningful place) hand them the box, tell them to open and they will read out the magic words.

TIP: Double check the spelling before you leave the shop ­čÖé

Christmas Carol Proposal

If your partner just loves music and Christmas carols then we suggest including it in your proposal. Hire your local band or choir and they can pretend do be singing carols in the neighborhood. Little does your partner know that your house is the only house being visited. Tell your partner to open the door, join them and listen to the lovely singing. At the end of the song, the singers will pull out a sign that says “marry me”. She will be so surprised!

TIP: make sure they can get to your front door easily. If you live in a gated community then tell security about the plan.

Christmas Candle Proposal

Hire a beautiful suite or self catering cottage, fill the one room with lit candles. The candles would be different sizes and shapes, you would just see the room flickering light. In the middle you would be on one knee holding the ring box. It would be best you arrived first and then your partner arrives later, so its a huge surprise.

TIP: Candles can be a fire hazard so we suggest using an empty room or being very careful where you place them. Don’t forget to blow them all out before leaving the room!

Christmas Photobook Proposal

If you have been together for many years, then this idea is for you! Create a photobook for your partner. In the photobook each page will represent a year of your relationship. We suggest using a photo of each Christmas you have spent together. Lets say its 10 years, then you have 10 Christmas images and stories that go with it. Give the book to them on Christmas or the night before. They can page through it, the last page would say “Will you marry me, this is my Christmas wish”. A lovely gift and memory to treasure forever.

TIP: Try to use high res images so the quality is good.

If you require assistance with the set-up of any of these Christmas Proposal Ideas mentioned or need more ideas please get in touch with us. We will gladly assist you with your proposal. Would you like to see more inspiration click here.

We get very busy over the silly season so please get in touch sooner rather than later so we can accommodate you! Spread the love and show how much your partner means to you with the perfect proposal!

Wishing everyone a happy and joyful Christmas season.

P.S the PERFECT ring for your Christmas Proposal ideas!

Christmas Proposal ideas