Christmas Proposal ideas

Christmas Proposal ideas Christmas Proposal Ideas

If you are anything like us then you are just as obsessed with the festive season as we are! Sure, it can get really busy with all the tourists around and shops are packed but it is such a happy and romantic time of the year. There are many ways to surprise your girlfriend but if you are ready to pop the big question then there is nothing as beautiful and special as a Christmas themed proposal!

If your girlfriend loves Christmas decorations and looks forward to putting up the Christmas Tree every year then how about getting a beautiful ornament with “Will you marry me?” personalized across it with the date? You could give this to her when you are putting up the tree or even as a pre-present on Christmas Eve. Want to make it a little more special? Get an ornament that can open up and have the ring placed inside. She can keep this for the rest of her life.

Another idea that we love is placing the ring inside its box and wrapping it up. You then place that box in another one and carry on wrapping them up in bigger boxes so that it doesn’t represent the size of a ring. She will never think that her present is her engagement ring and she will have so much fun unwrapping each section. You could include little presents along the way with some beautiful words for her to read that could build up the excitement of the moment. Make sure to be kneeling on your knee when she opens the last box!

Does your girlfriend love Christmas lights? How about decorating your backyard with countless fairy lights, a big Christmas trees and making it look like a winter wonderland! As your girlfriend walks out into the garden, switch on the lights that spell out MARRY ME? She will be so surprised and it will make such an impact! You could even do this at a Christmas Eve party if you would like your family and close friends to be a part of it. Be sure to include a photographer for this one as the photos would be incredible.

If you want something more relaxed that still makes a statement, get a marry me sign made out of flowers and place it next to the Christmas tree. You could make it so special with her coming over on Christmas Eve for a romantic dinner. She would be so surprised as she walks in and sees a beautiful Christmas proposal set up. You can go crazy with this idea and even do handwritten notes that lead her to you standing next to the sign.

We suggest doing a Christmas proposal if your girlfriend LOVES this time of the year. It will make her just as excited for Christmas as she used to be when she was a child. Overall you know her the best and you should always ensure that the proposal suits her personality and what she likes.

The Perfect Proposal wishes you a magical festive season!