Camps Bay beach proposal

Camps Bay beach proposal

On the 9th of November 2021, Yesh & Lira got engaged!

This lovely couple are from Joburg and have been together for 3 years.

We asked Yesh what is “perfect proposal” was and this is what he wrote:

Lira grew up in small town on the North Coast of Durbanalled Tinley Manor- she has always been in love with the beach and since we live in Durban she really misses it. Everytime we go to Durban we have a beach picnic. Lira is really goood at guessing what I am planning or figuring out suprises beforehand so I am hoping this one is what she east expects. I have told her that we are going to do a beach picnic for her birthday and want to surprise her and pop the question to her. My idea of the perfect proposal would be to walk her down to the beach and walk along- admiring the scenery and making her laugh. Eventually getting to the cute little picnic set up and pretending it is someone else, say a few things to her and then ask her the question – will you marry me? 

The above is pretty much how it went down, they arrived on Camps Bay beach. We had setup a picnic spot along the beach for them to enjoy. There was a big ‘marry me” sign with picnic food, a bottle of bubbly and lots of flowers. Once they arrived at the spot, Yesh said a few words and popped the question. Her reaction was amazing, so we think the surprise was REAL 🙂 yay

Thank you Jodi, for capturing this moment and really bringing the beach proposal to life. Its was a fun Camps Bay beach proposal, that’s for sure!

Wishing this happy couple all the best for a wonderful life together.

marry me sign

Camps Bay beach proposal

engaged Cape Town

she said yes

beach proposal

Camps Bay beach proposal

love is in the air

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perfect proposal

Camps Bay beach proposal

Photographer: Jodi from Fable of Hearts 

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