Being the best Bridesmaid

Being the best Bridesmaid

Being the best bridesmaid

How to be the best bridesmaid…So your bestie has just gotten engaged and you obviously want to be the best bridesmaid you could possibly be so we are here to give you a few special tips and ideas.

First of all, ensure to make the whole experience about the bride to be. This is the most exciting time in her life and she will want to surround herself with people who share in that joy. You are going to be her support and as a bridesmaid, you are there to take away stress, not add to it.

Make sure you have spoken to the bride about her bachelorette party and kitchen tea. As a bridesmaid, this is your job. The last thing you want is the bride getting a lap dance from a stripper when all she wanted was to sip on tea and eat some cake with her grandmother!

If you want to do a few extra special things then we highly suggest the following…

  • Make a ‘letter book’ for the bride to read on the morning of her wedding: Contact all her close friends and family members and ask them to write a letter for the bride. Decorate the letters with pictures, hearts and ribbon and give it to her when she wakes up on the morning of her wedding. She will treasure it for the rest of her life.
  • Make an advent calendar for the bride: Starting about a week prior to the wedding, make a countdown for the bride. She will get to open a small present every day until the morning of her wedding. Fill the advent calendar with items such as lip-gloss, a pair of panties, chocolates and even breath mints. GO CRAZY!
  • Get fun t-shirts made for the bachelorette party or for the morning of the wedding – You know the bride the best so if she would like some wedding crew t-shirts then ensure to get them as a surprise. They make for great photos and you can keep them as a keepsake forever!

Brides can be very demanding at times which can be tiring for the ones who surround her. Just remember to spoil her, relax her and celebrate with her. The best advice is to treat the bride how you would want to be treated for your wedding.