Ayeh and Misha photography our perfect professionals

Ayeh and Misha photography our perfect professionals

Ayeh and Misha photography our perfect professionals

Ayeh and Mischa photography our perfect professionals


Tell us more about your style of photography? How would a couple choose you or any photographer for that matter?

Our style of photography has always been very much documentary style, which is more like focusing on candid moments. We always try to catch raw moments full of emotions. It is not easy to be invisible to catch these moments but at times we forget to even blink haha. We have always felt freezing a moment in time that can make someone feel something incredibly great is like being as close as physically touching their heart and no matter what kind of shoot it is, the goal will remain the same. Touching hearts…

What is the best moment/s for you, when capturing a wedding?

We feel that the clientele who approach us always have mentioned that they love how candid the moments are, how it feels so natural and they all want to celebrate their special day without the pressure of being so mindful of cameras around. We think our style of editing is also more dark and moody compared to traditional style of wedding photography which could also be a factor of taste.

Can you give any advice to brides on how to prepare or act for their couples shoot.  

We have never planned a couple-shoot until the moment that we are on location. We try to pick a space where it’s not too far from the venue and their guest and capture them just before the sunset where the golden light dances. We often do our couple shoots in maximum 30 min as it’s so important to get the couple back to spend their special day with friends and family. We can say the best advice is to completely take that moment as it is, your first moment alone with your husband with no one around, take it in, watch the sun go down and get lost in each other… Of Course we do direct a little as time is tight and we would love to give them the most beautiful photos, So we always make them walk a lot and move so they can completely let go and enjoy. We also love capturing moments that have movements in it, it always makes the images feel alive but other than that the best advice is to just take the moment in.

Grooms are often shy or scared of being in the ‘wedding limelight’, can you give them advice on how to handle the big day?

We have often had shy grooms but by the end of the day they have forgotten to be shy. Of Course in the beginning they might be camera shy but the style we follow is very documentary so we try to shoot everything as it happens and be as invisible as possible. For example when the boys are getting ready we just get the groomsman to get involved and engage with the groom, bless him with few words and help him get dressed and we try to just stand back and shoot what is happening. The rest of the day the groom is pretty much lost in their beautiful bride. Our shy grooms are often the most incredible when it comes to couple shoots. After showing them a few shots on the camera there is no shyness anymore.

What are some of your favourite venues / areas where you have shot before? Any sexy new trends that you have seen?

We love authentic venues, Die Woud has always been a favourite due to the glass house and the nature, it almost feels so cosy and not disjointed. There is always a buzz in every corner and that glass house is so special. We love venues that don’t look like a venue if that makes sense, more like an authentic space of celebration. Any alfresco setting outside is always a winner. We enjoy city/urban weddings but we must admit with so many beautiful venues around cape town our clients often go for more private and remote spots. We also love Midlands in Durban with the beautiful misty tones and game farm venues, it has such beautiful natural tones. We can say some of the lovely venues that we have enjoyed have always had special elements with nature, Bosjes, Belofdebos, Babylonstoren, Die Woud.

Ayeh and Mischa photography our perfect professionals, thank you for sharing your wedding loves with us! To follow them, please visit their sites.

Ayeh and Misha photography our perfect professionals

Ayeh and Misha photography our perfect professionals


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