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Gerrie and Kalizma mountain proposalWe were very excited to be featured on this lovely website based in New York.  This is the Article on “How he asked” website. We thought we would share it with you.

“Proposal Tips from a Professional Proposal Planner”

We’ve planned a range of proposals from small intimate dinners to beach and garden picnic set-ups. In every case, it all comes down to the small details and incorporating all the elements of what the bride likes to make it as special as possible. We’ve put together a few more tips for you to consider as you think about your own marriage proposal.

First, remember to keep it very personal! If your partner loves nature or the beach try arranging a romantic picnic for two in your favorite spot. Bring along everything that would make her happy! Her favorite chocolates, flowers and picnic food! Watch the sunset while sipping champagne! Getting these elements right just shows that the boyfriend put a lot of thought into it, which really helps in making the whole experience extra special for her. Timing is also particularly important, we try to make sure that everything is perfectly timed and everyone knows where to be at a particular time.

If your partner prefers traveling why not spoil her with a trip for two overseas or weekend away? In South Africa (where we’re located), there are a large amount of game reserves. A few of those reserves offer romantic baths that are set-up in the middle of the bush. This is a great location for a proposal. Champagne, candles, roses, massages and stargazing with her favorite person– what more could a girl ask for!?

If adventure is what you are looking for – the Western Cape has it all! Shark cage diving, paragliding, hot air balloons, skydiving, hang-gliding, ab-sailing, bungee jumping, boat rides and the list carries on! Make sure your partner isn’t afraid of anything and would be willing to do it. If the answer is yes – this will be a great experience and will defiantly stick in your minds forever.

If you are still stuck and need assistance with set-up on the day or other ideas, please get in touch with us! We would love to assist you with your marriage proposal or any other romantic event you had in mind!! We specialize in the following: proposals, anniversaries, engagement parties, renewing of wedding vows and special dates! We will create the most perfect moments that will be told for generations to come!

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