Always be romantic


We at The Perfect Proposal believe that couples should spoil each other and always be romantic.

Summer is the perfect time to show the one you love how special they are. We think the smaller things in life have the biggest meaning.

Here is a list of how to spoil your partner and be romantic:

  • Arrive home with flowers every day for a week
  • Give him a massage with fancy massage oils
  • Arrange a sunset picnic for two on the beach
  • Pitch a tent outside in your garden and sleep under the stars
  • Celebrate the first time you went on a date by recreating the night
  • Write him a love letter and post it to him – really old fashioned!
  • Leave little notes around the house saying “I love you”
  • Kiss in the morning and remember to always kiss at night before you fall asleep, especially if you have just had a fight
  • Make him his favourite cupcakes and ice his name on the top
  • Share kisses in public
  • Take her dancing
  • Make him breakfast in bed
  • Enjoy a nice glass of champagne on a Tuesday night
  • Buy her a herb garden planted in pots saying: “Be mine”
  • Surprise her with a dinner for two at her favourite restaurant
  • Hold hands at the next family event
  •       Arrange a photo shoot and put the pictures up on the fridge
  •       Kiss for the love of kissing

       Hope you enjoy the summer!