Aidan and Nanette garden proposal

Aidan and Nanette garden proposal

On the 12th December 2021, Aidan & Nanette got engaged!

We love assisting young, vibrant couples who we can see are so in love! The words we have just used describe this couple beautifully.

Aidan got in touch, he wanted something private, magical, and romantic. We had the perfect spot in mind as it is a private deck in the heart of the Constantia Valley. This lovely spot is 100% private with views of mountains, vineyards, and bushes. On our arrival, it looked more magical than planned, the surrounding plants were all in bloom. Just imagine purple flowers everywhere…

Sian, our lovely photographer arrived and jumped into the bushes to hideaway. To explain our professional photographer’s job further, they capture the decor, views, and proposal area. Following that they hideaway to remain secret to capture the marriage proposal. After the “yes” and a few celebrations, they start the couples shoot. The couples shoot can last anywhere from 30 mins to 1 hour. It all depends on the couple, timeline, and venue. Once the event is done, they send a link so the couple can download the photos. From here you can use them online, make prints, or even create a photobook. Another lovely idea is to use them for your wedding “save the date”.

While Sian was hiding away, Aidan and Nanette arrived at Silvermist. We met them, said hello, and walked them to the magic spot. From here it was all up to Aidan to ask that important question, “will you marry me?” Can you guess the answer, Nanette said YES! 🙂

They enjoyed a photoshoot amongst the purple flowers, followed by a lovely garden lunch. It is so wonderful to see a couple so in love and happy.

Aidan and Nanette garden proposal was just magical, we wish them all the best for a happy and successful future together. Love & light for 2021.

Garden proposal

perfect proposal

Silvermist lodge

picnic proposal lunch

marriage proposal Cape Town

Aidan and Nanette garden proposal

The perfect proposal

engaged Cape Town

picnic proposal

Aidan and Nanette garden proposal

Photographer: Sian Owen 

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